View Full Version : Need help deciding: Navalert or GPS Navi with custom POI's

01-01-2008, 08:29 PM
I am trying to decide between the Navalert (http://www.navalert.com/store/home.php?cat=306) system or a gps navi unit with and updated POI file showing Speed and Red Light camera locations. I have seen demos (http://www.navalert.com/store/pages.php?pageid=19) of the Navalert system but I can not locate demos for a gps navi unit. Can one of you nice folks upload a demo or point me in the direction of an existing one?
I would really prefer to get a multi-tasking device like a gps navi instead of the Navalert. But I need to make sure the modified gps navi will give me the results I need.

01-12-2008, 08:41 AM
Running my brand-new Garmin NUVI 350 for a week now and finally I was able to update it with ALL red light camera locations in my area, 58 RLC in Toronto area... for Garmin, you just go to their official website, d/load their own POI Loader for free, read how to create Custom POIs, they are *.csv files, the file name must contain the 'redlight' in it, mine is called Redlightcameras.csv, then you just use your computer's Notepad or Excel or any other txt processor, follow the instructions in the POI Loader, then chose the proximity alert (that's the distance you want your GPS to audio warn you before approaching the RLC intersection) and then wait 2 secs until your GPS d/loads your file into its database thru a USB cable that came with the GPS...

An example for one RLC intersection in my area and how you have to write it correctly in your *.csv file, if you don't write it correctly you will get the "invalid file" message:


and you do the same for the other RLCs... how do you know about each coordinate, you gotta find a site listing all RLC intersections in your area, only their names, then you go into your own GPS menu, look for the 'intersections' folder preinstalled in your GPS and find each and every one you know is got a RLC, my Garmin shows me latitude and longitude coordinates for each intersection, then you start doing it by hand, creating your own POI file... it took me about 60 min to write my Redlightcameras file, but I have 58 RLCs right now... and then, anytime you see a new one, you just keep in mind the intersection and when you get home just update your file, hook up the USB cable, open the POI loader and d/load the updated file into your GPS... it can be easier than this 8)
Also you can do this for Photo Radar, a different file, I don't need it as photo radar has been banned in Ontario since '95, I've also loaded all 1,000+ rest areas in US, found the file on the Net on a very reliable POI website...

An example of one rest area coordinates in the RestAreas.csv file:

-67.834062,46.141129,"REST AREA-FOLLOW SIGNS SB I-95 MM 305","RR, PT, Pet, HF"

So, either you go for Navalert or use your own time (60 min) and your own GPS to create your own POIs... best of luck :)

EDIT: the POI Loader for Garmin (as I said, free d/load from their official website) allows you to d/load and REMOVE as well any file you want, so when you don't need it anymore just take it out using the POI Loader and click on 'remove' that file :wink: