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09-06-2010, 02:40 PM
Just got this navi touch screen unit a few days ago. Thought i'd share my thoughts in case anyone was thinking about buying something like this

I came from a pioneer premier 710BT

Very responsive screen
Very sharp images, not fuzzy like some other ones
Easy controls
Good bluetooth mic
Awesome sound
Very attractive UI
The NAVI has a little window in the Audio so you can see your song and still see when to turn.
Very fast boot time
Fast loading time of everything

The guys who installed it put the GPS receiver under my dash (correct me if i'm wrong, but are they not usually put somewhere visible so they get better reception?

The GPS signal is kind of crappy, it never goes over 3 bars (out of 5)
When using the GPS, the car icon on the nav doesn't move steadily along, it's choppy, it jumps around.
The NAVI itself is pretty stupid, I have NAVIGON for my iphone and it's much better IMO. The navigation won't read routes. So instead of "Please turn onto route 7, it says Please turn on to Sully Road"

And you know how some GPS will say "In one half mile, keep left to continue on Sully Road" Well this one does it ALL THE FREAKING TIME. But sometimes it will tell me to turn left or to keep left...when the road is straight. i don't even understand why it does that. I haven't checked to see if the navi needs updating or not.

Every time you choose a song, and you want to go back to that same artist, you can't just go back real quick. you HAVE to go through the entire list again.

Skipping through artists by alphabet is pretty pathetic. On my pioneer i could press "A-#" and choose which letter to skip to. This one has a "alphabet" button that you press to go from letter to letter starting from the top. And it's slow. But it does have a scroll bar on the right side you can just press and guess where the letters are...

My pioneer had a setting that would let me "shuffle all songs" in any album i played. So it wasn't the same order of the album every time. i really liked this. And the setting would stay. Now i have to do it each time i choose an artist.

09-06-2010, 02:41 PM
My pioneer had two USB ports, so i could hook up my iphone and put it in my cup holder, and have my ipod in the glove box. i could play music off of either one i wanted. And it charged both. This only has one USB port. so i can only do one or the other. and to charge my phone, i'd have to stick it in the glove box. I hate crap in my cigarette lighters.

If i think of any more or come across any more while i use it. i'll add them

09-06-2010, 09:04 PM
Why did you change?

09-06-2010, 09:23 PM
from pioneer to alpine? I have always had pioneer units and have loved them, but the equivalent pioneer unit was 700$ more. and it had some features i didn't really need.

The alpine iPod interface is much cleaner on the alpine. I never used the GPS on the alpine units, so i can't tell you the difference. Also, the display on the alpine is much sharper and clearer than the pioneer. The alpine is also a bit more responsive on the touch screen.

another thing that irritates the HELL out of me is.... HOW DO I UPDATE IT?! there is a SD slot behind the screen that you can put a SD slot in to update the maps, firmware, and bluetooth firmware.. but wtf, there's no software on the alpine usa site. there is NOTHING on that website that tells me where to get map updates, bluetooth updates, firmware updates. The manual says go to alpine usa site...

09-07-2010, 05:18 AM
thats a nice headunit,i need to upgrade mine in my car.

09-07-2010, 08:24 AM
The guys who installed it put the GPS receiver under my dash (correct me if i'm wrong, but are they not usually put somewhere visible so they get better reception?

Not necessarily. In C6 Corvettes, the factory GPS antenna is located under the dash, near the air conditioning ducts. Of course, Chevrolet engineers specifically designed the top of the dashboard to be transparent to GPS frequencies, so it works just fine; your dashboard might have some metal in it which could explain the reception problems you're having.

09-07-2010, 08:26 AM
my tint is F1 comfort series.. which has some metal in it.. it dropped the range of my rear antenna on my V1.. but not anything else. but i don't have the tint on the windshield. so i'm not sure if that's it.

Also, i figured out that if you hold your finger down on the magnifying glass, it will take you back to the recent artist song list. if you just press it once, it takes you back to the entire artist list. Woo! that was annoying..