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04-05-2016, 12:33 PM
We just added a new HD+ remote radar & Laser detector to our product portfolio. Our new Radenso HD+ antenna is available as ALP add-on antenna (http://radenso.com/product/radenso-hd-remote-radar-detector-alp-add-on) where the antenna is just plugged into the ALP RG module and controlled through the ALP system or it can be purchased as a stand-alone Remote Radar detector (http://radenso.com/product/radenso-hd-remote-radar-detector) that is controlled by its own interface.
The stand-alone antenna (http://radenso.com/product/radenso-hd-remote-radar-detector) comes with a modified Bel 975 interface. Later this year we are introducing a new display and CPU for the antenna, which then allows the connection of a second (rear) antenna, a GPS antenna and even an ALP Laserjammer.
Customers who purchased the unit with current Bel 975 interface will be able to upgrade to the new display and CPU for a nominal fee of $250

The ALP add-on antenna retails at $499, the HD+ stand alone antenna with Bel 975 interface is $699 and the the HD+ antenna with the new CPU and display and GPS antenna will be offered at $899. A second, rear antenna will be offered for an additional $399.

We are also working on an optional case to completely seal the circuit and make it RDD undetectable. Expected additional cost is $220 - $250

04-09-2016, 01:06 AM
Is this still using the same horn antenna? Has the HD+ been tested in detecting MultaRadar CD (MCD/MRCD)?

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