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10-24-2016, 02:25 PM
I haven't posted on this site for quite some time. It's been busy and I am not complaining....
If you have not heard about it yet , we just recently launched a new radar detector - the Radenso XP.

This detector has been in tests since the beginning of the year and we took our time before we released it officially and that really shows.
The feedback we have received from customers so far is overwhelmingly good. The new XP is loaded with extremely useful features, has great detection range thanks to an LNA and is probably the quietest detector out there due to its excellent ability to filter out nasty K band polluting BSM and CAS systems, now even found on cars of the compact class.

Here some details about the features:
- LNA equipped
- GPS enabled
- New design, rubberized case (similar to Redline)
- RJ11 power port (I was beaten up by the previous complaints)
- Orange OLED text display
- Selectible X, K and Ka band
- Ka wide or Ka segmented (10 selectable segments identical to Escort segments to keep things simple)
- K narrow (you are safe to use it)
- Actual 3 digit frequency display
- Working!!! GPS lockouts (no AutoLockouts – it is patented by ER)
- New, directional database for Redlight cameras and speed cameras with monthly free updates
- Free Firmware updates
- TSR Filter against Traffic sensors (similar to TSR High of the RPSE)
- SEPARATE BSM Filter against BSM/CAS (and this filter is working really well!)
- Low speed muting of K and X Band (Ka and Laser will not be muted)
- AutoCity Mode identical to RPSE (for low speed muting and City filtering below Highway speed)
- RAW mode (lets you run the detector as the detector sees the signals with no delay, no filtering, no latching)
- Multiple Threat display (tracking 3 signals simultaneously)
- Selectable Voice alerts and Frequency announcement on Ka band (beep, beep, Ka band 34.7, beep, beep……)
- Adjustable AutoMute Volume
- Bright, dim, dimmer, smart dark, dark display
- USB port for FW and database updates
- New carrying case

There has been a lot of radar detection testing done by enthusiasts in the recent weeks and the Radenso XP always came out in the top third of tested detectors.
But more importantly, despite the extremely good radar detection range the XP is eerily quiet, it literally barely falses ever so if the detector alerts you immediately pay attention since chances are extremely high that the alert was caused by real police radar rather than just another BSM or grocery store!

You can purchase the Radenso XP at RadarBusters (https://www.radarbusters.com/Radenso-XP-Radar-Detector-Review-p/radenso-xp.htm).

02-19-2017, 11:54 PM
what is bsm/cas filter and where do i find it. My SE is so sensitive thus noisy that i need to find some setting such on k or ka band that when it goes off i can here it more softly or not entirely as long as it is still displayed on the RD sreen. I wrote the guy who is responsible I guess for bringing it to the states and asked what settings would HE use. i think the said k narrow ka wide and was of course gracious to tell me what other settings but i lost it- deleted the email instead of printing it out. Sir if you see this please mail it to me and i will print it out. This is embarrassing for me. I don't have the XP i have the Pro SE