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    Question Blinder Laser Head ID? - Help

    Hello RD Members,

    I managed to get some Blinder laser heads (They look like blinders) just alone, no other documentation, Controller, etc..

    Whats odd is they are "hard wire" no RJ45/11 plugs at the end, and they appear to never have been used. I say that as the ends still have the what looks to be factory cuts, so you just pull the little bit of insulation back and its bare copper. Zero scratches, or mounting marks either. (Red, Black, White wires, (Power, GND, Signal out?))

    1. Anyone know the make / model of these guys?
    2. More importantly, how can I make them "blind" I have and older M-25 system, that seems to have died years ago when I went though a car wash. But the controller / LED still turn red/green on power up, but the box does not make a beep anymore. (I have a old post here on this)
    3. I'm handy at making electrical circuits so if someone has guidance / schematic, it would be most welcome

    Pics attached of the heads but no marking whatsoever on them other than a new"CE" sticker on the back.

    Thank you!
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