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    Default Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Police Officer in Marked Car for Speeding

    I don't know if this video is on the site but even if it is it's worth watching again.

    Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Police Officer in Marked Car for Speeding - YouTube

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    Default Re: Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Police Officer in Marked Car for Speeding

    That's one of the nice things about FHP. They'll pull over anybody!

    (Now, if they could only slow down when THEY are not on a run....)

    EDIT: I would like to amend my post, as I have a story that relates to this.

    A couple of years back, I used to be a Medic. At the time, I volunteered for a county, but my main job was working for a private ambulance company "American Ambulance".

    One day, I was shooting the breeze with my partner, and he told me a story about one time he was trying to get a pregnant woman from one hospital to another in order for her to properly have her baby. They were running down I-95 south going 95 MPH (as fast as the limiter for those Turbo Diesel vans would let you go). Standard procedure is to let local county PD know that we're are running a code, that of course is the dispatchers job. Keep in mind, this is a private, commercial, ambulance, NOT County EMS.

    Well, the dispatcher notified local, but not FHP. Imagine, a Ambulance, running lights and sirens, and of course, comes across an FHP unit. Which PULLS THEM OVER. They comply immediately, the FHP officer runs up and asks them what the hell they are doing. When the driver responded "We are on a code call to deliver a pregnant patient to a hospital.", the FHP wanted to look in the back to make sure the driver wasn't lying.

    He opens the door, and the medic, pissed, asks "What is the problem?"

    The Trooper sees the woman (who is in agonizing pain), and says, "Is she about to give birth?"

    To which the Medic replied, "I can't reach in and yank it out for your inspection, but yes, she is. What the hell is your problem? This patient needs to be an a controlled, hospital environment right NOW, and we are sitting here talking on the highway. Are you crazy?"

    Without another word, in front of the FHP officer, the Medic told my partner to "Get this thing moving and get us there, right now. Don't stop for anything. As for YOU-" He pointed at the FHP officer. "Expect a letter of grievance to be handed to whoever your supervisor is. This is grossly unacceptable."

    The FHP officer didn't even give them an escort.

    So... Like I said, FHP will pull anyone over...
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