Thanks to the folks at Escort, I got an early model out of the production run, it appears to be #19.

All I can say is, that I love the new packaging! It feels more as a throwback to the RX65 in terms of solidness, color, and finish. I much prefer it to the Max series (Max/Max2), designs of the outer shell surrounding the inner shell.

I also find the case to be a big improvement over the new Passport and new X70.

The OLED display appears to be the most recessed yet of all of the OLED designs, which really promises to improve appearance in bright lighting conditions.

The tactile feel of the buttons feel more solid than they have in recent memory.

Although I miss the dual clear suction cups, this new sticky cup mount and approach appears to be the best design I have seen yet and that includes the mount on the detector.

No longer does the mount interface slide into the back by the rear lens, which in the new detectors has put undue stress on the back lens.

This time around the strong magnetic mount occurs on the top of the detector. It's a very solid mount.

I love the fact that the rear laser sensor is now placed on the right side of the detector, which gives is a better chance of seeing a rear laser shot (as academic as it may be).

After years of screaming for it, Escort finally properly includes a USB SmartCord as standard equipment. Now only if they could provide a mini-D USB connector for updating the detector on the computer.

I've promised Escort a thorough test this weekend and I will do my usual multi-state route encompassing multiple states which will hopefully expose me to all forms of radar and laser.

Bottom line, my initial impressions are extremely favorable. And I can't say enough Escort is packaging proper cases again!

I'll post some PICs shortly and perhaps a quick video. Stay tuned!