I have a 9500ix in my truck with a Live smart cord, but a Max360 in my daily driver. After Iíve used my daily with the Max360 in the app and go to use my truck, the app does not recognize the smart cord at all. Well it does to an extent. As you can see, my phones Bluetooth is connected to the cord, the cord says connected in the devices tab in the app, but when you go to settings in the app or the connection drop down, my smart cord doesnít show connected and it is still trying to connect to the Max360 even though itís off and has been days since last used. The only way you can get it to connect correctly back to the smart cord in the app is forgetting the Max360 in the app, uninstalling it, forgetting the cord in Bluetooth settings, reconnecting in Bluetooth settings, then reinstalling the app and pairing it again to the app.

.....then...that whole process needs to happen again whenever I sync and connect my Max360 to the EL app but want to change vehicles.

Any suggestions? Itís like the APP is constantly looking for my Max360 even though it is not powered on and hasnít been for days. Even if Iím miles away from my garage, itíll still try to connect to it

**The attached pics are when I drove my truck today using my 9500 w/ live cord

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