I just moved from Jax, Florida. Unfortunately, my road-race-prepped 2007 BMW 328 with E90 engine & Dinan aftermarket competition prep was totaled while parked 2 weeks before I moved, so I'm just driving a beater I was able to pick up quickly for cash. I temporarily have a Mitsubishi Galant 2012 lounge lizard with sport package - but, unfortunately my first automatic transmission in over 5 decades of driving - bummer - sigh. I'm looking for another E90 BMW to modify (the newer BMWs are taking a a dive in reliability & are not the best choice for track modification - even the Ms - this seems to be true of ALL German cars, particularly Bimmers & Mercs in the past 10-15 years. Alas. Too electronic & too many non-German parts with the companies putting profits over quality. While I certainly don't drive the Mitsu like I drove my BMWs & Porsches with their trackable setups, I still am looking to get a top-tier detector for when I'm back up to speed. I have usually been loyal to Mike Valentine's detectors ever since he left Escort/Passport, though a couple of the new Uniden top-enders look pretty nice. Good to find a board of fellow detector enthusiasts. Caio.