After years of development, I am pleased to announce that Veil G6 is now available to purchase.

The improvements are significant and include:

Veil G6 is now nearly colorless when applied properly to the headlights and you can't basically tell it's on the vehicle Veil.
Even with multiple coats on directly a license plate, it is much less noticeable than any previous generation Veil.
Veil G6 provides increased absorption of police lidar, while being lighter than any previous generation of Veil.
Veil G6 application is easier and allows for improved coating quality.

The product is now in stock, but is already in very limited supply as we are shipping Veil G6 as a complementary upgrade for those who backordered Veil G5.6

Veil G6 is available from RadarBusters at:

Thanks to all who have been patient with their orders and we at Veil wish everyone a safe and prosperous holiday.