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    On our previous cross country trip, we rented a gray Nissan Murano which we applied Veil G6 to the headlights and fog lights.

    There was no front plate and no other countermeasures used other than the new Escort MAXcam 360c, which has stellar laser detection capabilities.

    The following dash cam videos were taken with a [replacer_a] dual dash cam.

    These documented video encounters, clearly and unequivacably demonstrate the effectiveness of Veil G6 in the real-world, where it counts.

    This video demonstrates a Veil G6 SAVE at 75mph in a 60mph zone:

    This video shows what could be a stealth to gun (ie; JTG) encounter:

    This video shows what also could be a stealth to gun (ie; JTG) during the night, with inclement weather, and with the officer targeting through his side window:

    You can purchase the least expensive police laser countermeasure using the following link:

    Cobra SC400D
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    Drive safe, drive smart, but most importantly drive protected!



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