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    Default Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09

    If anyone has anything to add, please do! Make sure to post CITY/TOWN, STATE, COUNTY if applicable and Radar/Laser bands used as applicable.

    Alabama (thanks bradthemad, crisptito, Edwv30, StlouisX50)

    Anniston: I-20 westbound, near Anniston/exit 185, Unmarked silver SUV, unknown agency, LTI TruSpeed
    Enterprise: X
    Gulf Shores: KA 33.8, K (updated 07/27/2009)
    Homewood: K, I/O, Laser (Motorcycle) (updated 07/23/2009)
    Hoover: K, Ka, I/O (updated 07/23/2009)
    Huntsville: Ka, Laser (updated 07/23/2009)
    State Troopers: Ka, I/O used, some laser (updated 07/23/2009)

    Alberta - Canada (thanks Botts, Jarus187)

    Alberta Highway Patrol Sheriffs: K band, laser
    Alberta Sheriffs: X band and Ka band.
    Edmonton: Photo Radar--Older Multanova 6F (K band 24.1 Ghz). White Ford Windstar Van with tinted windows (Alberta Plate CUE 819) Grey Chevrolet Silverado Truck with Truck Top Cover (Alberta Plate FJA 109). Has a yellow bumper sticker ribbon on back right side that says "Support our troops". Red Dodge Dakota with Trunk Top Cover (Alberta Plate LAL 809) Brown Crown Victoria with tinted windows & stealth mounted lights in grill and rear mirror (Alberta Plate MAD 081) w/Ka band radar. White Ford Explorer (newer model) with dark grey cladding. One dash mounted radar unit (Alberta Plate PRS 647) w/K band radar. Silver Pontiac GrandAm GT with full tint, spoiler, stealth lights mounted high. (Alberta Plate CAW 111), Cruisers (Patrol Cars) carry laser, but they rarely use it. Cruisers (Traffic Cars) use Mostly Ka band, K band.
    RCMP: Mostly Ka band, K band
    Sherwood Park: K, Ka, LIDAR

    Arizona (thanks bart99gt, bcorby, bracke60, djrams80, hockey005, NightmarishWar, StlouisX50)

    Arizona DPS: K, Ka, Laser (Phx/Flagstaff areas) K, Ka; Tucson area, now w/new m'cycles
    Gilbert: Laser
    Highway Patrol: K band, Stalker Ka 34.7 and Ka 35.5
    Maricopa County SO: K, Ka
    Mesa: Ka
    Mohave County: Photo Radar Ka? (very easy to spot, flashes/camera mounted on roof of SUV on ~3' tall masts)
    National Park Service: K, Ka (35.5)
    Peoria: K, Ka, Laser
    Phoenix: K, Ka, Laser
    Pima County S.O.: K, Ka, Laser
    Scottsdale: K, Ka, laser, photo radar (K and Ka), and non-radar photo enforcement
    Surprise: Laser
    Tempe: K, Ka, K Photo Radar
    Tucson: Mobile Radar/Photo (White vans) K-band, non-radar photo enforcement, 8 locations
    Tucson Area: K, Ka, Laser
    Tucson Police: Laser (All motor cops), some Ka (patrol cars)
    University of Arizona: Laser (updated 07/10/2009)
    Wickenburg: K, Ka, Laser
    Williams: Ka (35.5)

    Arkansas (thanks Clay_in_Nashville)

    Brinkley: K
    County Sheriffs: 33.8 34.7 and 35.5 Ka, I/O and C/O
    Jonesboro: K (Mostly Constant-On), I/O 35.5 GHz Ka (updated 07/21/2009)
    Sheriff (Creighead County): I/O 35.5 GHz Ka (updated 06/15/2009)
    State Police: 33.8 34.7 and 35.5 Ka, I/O and C/O, Laser

    British Columbia - Canada (thanks HaZedXxX)

    Squamish RCMP: K-band (Maybe Ka), Ultralyte, Possible PL III, Stalker LZ1,Marked crown vics, possible marked camaro (updated 08/01/2009)
    West Vancouver: Ultralyte, Stalker LZ1, Unmarked black dodge charger, unmarked grey crown vic, several marked black chevy tahoes, several black ford explorers, a full fleet of marked crown vics. (updated 08/01/2009)

    California (thanks Ace_Racer, b52hbuff, bunny, Chelaw, chuhsi, djrams80, dragonzsoul, ES13Raven, FlyingTiger, hockey005, javdog, Keto, LS2, mase, MikeUCM, Montu, mountainman, novaks47, obsidian, Slinky, slobrummer, slr_noob, sniper4usmc, ssick92, StealthRex, StlouisX50, swarga, Tifas-Revenge, tiger17)

    Arcadia: Laser
    Artesia (Los Angeles County): Ka (Lakewood Sheriff)
    Atherton: Ka
    Avenal: Ka
    Azusa: Laser (PL III), Stalker 34.7 Ka, K band
    Bassett: (City of Industry Sheriff) Stalker 34.7 Ka, PLIII
    Bellflower (Los Angeles County): Ka (Lakewood Sheriff)
    Beverly Hills: Laser (LTI Ultralyte)
    Blythe (Riverside County): Kustom Talon II 35.5 Ka
    CA City (Kern Sheriff): Ka
    Campbell: Ka, Laser
    Carlsbad (San Diego County): Ka (specifically Kustom Talon II 35.5 Ka), Laser
    Chula Vista (San Diego County): PL III, Pro-Lite (updated 07/16/2009)
    City of Industry: (City of Industry Sheriff) Stalker 34.7 Ka, PLIII
    Coalinga: Ka
    Corte Madera: KA, Laser
    Costa Mesa: Laser
    Cupertino (Santa Clara County): Ka, K
    Edwards AFB: Laser
    El Segundo City: Laser
    Encinitas: Laser
    Escondido: Police Motorcycles Ka 35.5 and Laser (Stationary)
    Folsom (El Dorado County): Ka, Laser
    Foster City: Laser
    Fresno: K, Ka, Laser
    Glendale: Laser (PL III)
    Glendora: PL III
    Hacienda Heights: (City of Industry Sheriff) Stalker 34.7 Ka, PLIII
    Hawaiian Gardens (Los Angeles County): Ka (Lakewood Sheriff)
    Hayward: Laser and Stalker Radar
    Hercules: C/O Ka
    Highway/CHP: Ka, Laser (LTI guns, PLIII) White Z28 Camaros.
    Irvine: Ka, Laser
    La Habra Heights: (City of Industry Sheriff) Stalker 34.7 Ka, PLIII
    La Puente: (City of Industry Sheriff) Stalker 34.7 Ka, PLIII
    Laguna Beach: Laser (LTI Ultralyte), Ka 34.7 (updated 07/03/2009)
    Laguna Hills: Laser (PLIII) (updated 06/04/2009)
    Laguna Hills (Orange County): 34.7 Stalker, PLIII, I've had 1 33.8 Ka alert. (updated 06/27/2009)
    Lakewood (Los Angeles County): Ka (Lakewood Sheriff)
    Lancaster (LA Sheriff): Ka, Laser
    Livingston: K (Instant/Constant On), Ka
    Lodi: Laser (PL III)
    Lompoc: Laser (PL III)
    Long Beach: K, 34.7 Ka, LTI Ultralyte
    Los Altos: 34.7 Ka Band
    Los Angeles: Laser (LTI Ultralyte)
    Merced: Ka ,Pro Laser III
    Merced County CHP: Ka (Instant/Constant), LTI Lidar
    Modesto: K, Ka
    Nevada County: Sheriff Ka, K
    New Port Beach: Laser
    North Whittier: (City of Industry Sheriff) Stalker 34.7 Ka, PLII
    Novato: Ka, Ignacio Blvd towards Indian Valley College. Watch for the left turn after Pacheco Shopping Center. It's K-band.
    Orange: K (Vindicators), Ka 35.5
    Oxnard: Laser (PL III), known to use through windshield!
    Palm Springs: Laser (PRO LASER 3)
    Palmdale (LA Sheriff): Ka, Laser
    Palo Alto: Ka
    Paramount (Los Angeles County): Ka (Lakewood Sheriff)
    Pasadena: Laser
    Pinole: KA
    Placer County: Sherrif Ka
    Placerville (El Dorado County): Ka, Laser
    Rancho Cordova: 34.7 C/O, and Laser. (I cant stress enough how dangerous RCPD is, they are on a mission to cite no matter how close the call).
    Redondo Beach: Laser (PL III), Stalker 34.7 Ka
    Redwood City: K
    Rialto (San Bernardino County): Ka Band (Kustom Talon II 35.5 Ka band to be exact)
    Ripon: K, Ka, Lidar
    Rodeo: KA
    Roseville: Laser (PL III)
    Sacramento: 33.8 C/O
    San Andreas: Laser
    San Diego: Laser
    San Diego County: Laser
    San Diego County Highways: CHP Ka 34.7 Constant Moving/Stationary
    San Francisco: KA
    San Luis Obispo - Cal Poly SLO University: Ka (Python II)
    San Marcos: K (Stationary) CSUSM Police, Laser
    San Mateo: Stalker LZ1
    San Mateo County Sheriff: Ka, Laser
    San Pablo: Laser
    San Rafael: Laser
    Santa Ana: K (Instant-On)
    Santa Barbara: Laser
    Santa Cruz County: Ka, Laser, with a few K auto speed signs on Ocean St downtown, and on Highway 17 coming into Santa Cruz, havent dealt with any POP that I'm aware of.
    Seal Beach (Orange County): LTI TruSpeed Laser, Kustom Golden Eagle 35.5Ka band
    Sebastopol: Ka
    Signal Hill: Kustom Golden Eagle 35.5 Ka
    Solano County: Laser
    South Lake Tahoe: Laser
    Stanislaus County CHP: Ka (Instant/Constant)
    Stanton: 35.5 Ka
    Sunnyvale: KA
    Tehachapi (Kern Sheriff): Ka
    Temecula: Ka
    Torrance: Laser
    Truckee: Ka
    Tulare County Sheriff: K
    Valinda: (City of Industry Sheriff) Stalker 34.7 Ka, PLIII
    Visalia: K, Ka (34.7), Laser (updated 07/10/2009)
    Vista - Sheriff: Ka Stationary
    West Covina (Los Angeles County): K band
    Whittier: Laser (PL III)
    Yosemite National Park Rangers: K, 35.5 Ka
    Yuba City: 33.8 C/O
    Yuba County Sheriff: K band only that I've observed

    Canada - British Columbia (GVR) (thanks go.mouse)

    Burnaby: K, Ka, Laser (Ultralyte)
    Delta: Ka, Laser (Marksman, Laser Atlanta)
    North Vancouver: K, Ka, Laser (Ultralyte)
    Richmond: K, Ka, Laser (Marksman, Laser Atlanta)
    Surrey: K, Ka, Laser (LTI Marksman, Ultralyte, Laser Atlanta, PL III)
    Vancouver: X, K, Laser (Ultralyte, Marksman, Stalker LZ1, Laser Atlanta)

    Canada - Nova Scotia (thanks takk)

    Halifax: Laser
    Province Wide: Mostly X and K, some Ka (rare), all constant on.
    RCMP: Ka constant

    Canada - Ontario

    Campbellford: K
    Kingston: Ka, Laser
    London: K, Laser
    Northern Ontario OPP: X(for sure)
    Southern Ontario OPP: Ka, Laser
    Toronto: K, Ka, Laser
    Waterloo Regional: K,X? Laser
    York Region: K, Laser

    Colorado (thanks djrams80, DollaBill, dracer777, Stealthcb, StlouisX50)

    Aurora: Laser
    Colorado HP: 35.5 Ka, Laser (pro-laser III)
    Colorado Springs: K, Ka, and LIDAR (LTI)
    CSPD: may have POP
    Douglas County: Ka, marked Suburbans
    El Paso County: K and Ka
    El Paso County Sheriff: K
    Evans (Weld County): K, Possible LIDAR
    Fort Collins: Photo Radar
    Greeley (Weld County): Ka, Possible LIDAR
    Highway Patrol: Stalker 34.7 Ka
    Lone Tree: Laser (in Hummers, possibly others)-- X band is a FALSE source near where they shoot LIDAR
    Longmont: 35.5 Ka, 34.7 Ka, 24.125 K, and Laser from a motorcycle cop on 119 thru Boulder.
    Loveland (Weld County): Ka, Possible K and LIDAR

    Connecticut (thanks bullrider718, Charlescrs6, hockey005, Monolith, Mthman30, StlouisX50)

    Avon: Ka, Laser (updated 07/07/2009)
    Columbia: Laser
    Darien: Ka band C/O, portable speed signs K band
    Durham: Laser
    East Mountain: Laser
    Enfield: Lidar & Illegal Cell Phone Use
    Fairfield County - Police Depts: Ka moving, non-radar photo speed signs
    Greenwich: KA band
    Milford: KA, K band, X band speed signs
    New Haven City: Laser (Pro Laser III)
    New Haven County - State Troopers: Laser
    Old Saybrook: Laser
    Orange: KA, K band, KA band speed signs
    Ridgefield (Fairfield County): Only KA and Laser usually C/O KA and a few I/O encounters.
    Stamford (Fairfield County): K, KA and laser, C/O & I/O.
    State police: K, LTI TruSpeed
    State Police: (rte 2 to 2A, Hartford County): Laser (Ultralyte, Stalker LZ1), Pacing

    Delaware (thanks edweird, Quailane, StlouisX50)

    Dover: Laser
    New Castle County: Ka
    Newark: Ka
    State Patrol: Ka [Stalker Dual]

    Florida (thanks 9500ier, Bag302, bcorby, bullrider718, DavidStahl, edweird, Edwv30, ELVATO, Event Horizon, iNcArCeRaTiOn, JDS, johndoesix, LaZyFLiP, mhardy2288, mp4nerd, Mustang_guy17, reminis, SlickShift, stevo1569, StlouisX50, ThE_JOkeR, Turbo V6 Camaro, USFAEDude, vasmir, venexoz, vw242, Zapple, zerbey)

    Avon Park: radar, probably Ka.
    Brevard county sheriff: K, Ka
    Cape Coral: Ka (80%) and K (20%). Many traps on Veteran's Parkway. Also, unmarked Dodge Chargers have been added to the force. Several different colors. I can confirm maroon, white, blue and silver.
    Citrus County: K, Ka
    Clearwater: Laser
    Cocoa Beach - Patrick AFB: K,Ka,X, I/O, Laser
    Collier County: I see the different types of unmarked vehicles LEOs are using... I have one to add, last summer I saw a LEO running radar on horseback, near where Vanderbilt Beach Rd ends at the public beach! Not even kidding!! (updated 07/07/2009)
    Collier County Sheriff (Collier County): Ka & Laser
    Collier County Sheriff in Naples: Stalker Ka, Kustom ProLaser 3, Kustom ProLite, K, I/O and C/O, mostly marked Crown Vics, one dark blue unmarked Mustang, a few unmarked Tauruses, some M'cycles.
    Coral Gables: Lidar, spotted two units with K band antennas mounted in the but have never seen them in use, just the laser by the Moto Cops (harleys)., Cops on Harleys with PLIIIs (maybe PLII, I am not an expert)., Ka 35.5
    Crystal River City: Laser
    Dade County: (Sheriff or Miami-Dade Police) Harley with Stalker Dual Ka (couldn't ID exact model but had Ka two antennas and a stalker display). Rear Antenna mounted next to rear wheel under lugage box. Sheriff Ka 34.7 (Motocop)
    Daytona Beach (Police Dept.): K, Ka (IO possibly), Laser
    Daytona Beach Shores (Public Safety Dept.): K, Ka, Laser
    Deerfield Beach: Laser
    Doral: Ka, Laser, K speed signs
    FHP: 34.7 Stalker Ka, unmarked white SUVs, unmarked black Mustang, and black pickup running I/O Ka 34.7., Black Chargers, unmarked with black rims shooting Ka, Laser Atlanta (updated 05/27/2009)
    Florida (St. John's County): St. Augustine KA 34.7 (updated 07/27/2009)
    Fort Myers: K
    Fort Walton Beach (Sheriffs & Highway Patrol): Ka Instant-on, Laser (HwyP)
    Gainesville - Police Dept.: K, Ka, Laser(Ultralyte)
    Gainesville - Sheriff: K, Ka
    Gainesville - Uni. of FL: K, Laser(Ultralyte)
    Heathrow (Seminole County): Ka band (Some I/O, they like to hide motorcycle units behind trees); K band; Laser
    Hernando County: Laser
    Highlands County: Ka, Laser
    Hillsborough County Sheriffs: Ka [33.8] CO or IO, Laser (Ultralyte)
    Jacksonville: K, Ka, Laser (PL III, Pro-Lite, & Stalker)
    Kissimmee: KA and Laser (FL-429 South Close to US-192 exit/EXIT 6- toward KISSIMMEE)
    Lakeland: K band & PL3 & STALKER
    Lakeland County Sheriff: KA and K band
    Lynn Haven: Laser
    Mary Esther (Sheriffs & Highway Patrol): Ka Instant-on, Laser (HwyP)
    Miami: K, some Ka, Lidar
    Miami - Pembroke Pines: Laser
    Miami Beach: Laser
    Miami Troopers: Ka
    Miami-Dade: Handheld Ka
    Milton: k, instant on,laser
    Naples (Collier County): Stalker Ka, Kustom ProLaser 3, Frequent I/O, Mostly marked Crown Vics. Moderate pack of motorcycles.
    Ocala: Undercover, possibly Laser
    Okeechobee: CO, IO Ka (34.7, possible 35.5) and K
    Orange County: Ka Stalker, Laser(PL III)
    Orlando: FHP uses Tru Speed
    Orlando Area FHP: Ka
    Osceola County Sherrifs: Instant on Ka 35.5 Ghz
    Palm Beach: Laser
    Pasco County: K
    Pensacola: Ka,k,laser
    Pensacola (Sheriffs & Highway Patrol): Ka Instant-on, Laser (HwyP)
    Plant City: Laser
    Plantation: Laser
    Ponce Inlet (Police Dept.): Ka
    Port Orange (Police Dept.): Ka, Laser
    Port Saint Lucie County(area?): K band constant on, Ka Stalker(34.7) constant and IO
    Santa rosa county: Ka,k,instant on
    Sarasota (City): K, Ka CO & IO (35.5) Newer Impalas
    Sarasota County Sheriffs (Impalas): K
    Satellite Beach: K, Ka (+ IO)
    Seminole County: add Laser Atlanta to Laser
    Seminole County Sheriff: K, Ka Stalker, Laser (Pro-Lite)
    Shalimar: Laser
    Sheriff (St. John's County): K Band (updated 07/27/2009)
    Sheriff (Polk County County): PLIII (updated 05/27/2009)
    South Daytona (Police Dept.): Ka
    St. Cloud: Ka, also has laser.
    St. Petersburg: Laser (PL III)
    Statewide (FHP): Ka 35.5, K (rare), Laser (PL III, Pro-Lite, Laser Atlanta, Stalker LZ1)
    Tallahassee: 35.5 (updated 07/27/2009)
    Tampa: Laser (LTI)
    University of Central Florida: Ka (34.7 Stalker and 35.5 Kustom or Decatur), Laser (possible handheld radar, dont know the band)
    Volusia County: Laser
    Volusia County (Sheriffs): K, Ka
    Windermere: Laser
    Winter Park: LTI Ultralyte (Laser)
    Winter Spring: Ka (35.5, CO and IO), K I/O
    Winter Springs: Laser, unknown

    Georgia (thanks ActiveKAjam, A-TownNavi, bart99gt, bradthemad, Clay_in_Nashville, jrock23, rsatmans, Rudeboy, StlouisX50, Telkar, twentyseventy, twood)

    Albany: Laser
    Alpharetta: K-Band, PLIII, LTI Ultralyte LR, K-band, laser, Ka, I/O
    Athens: PLII, K-band, K,KA,LASER
    Atlanta: Laser, Ka (Stalker 34.7)
    Austell: Decatur Genesis I&II K, Decatur Genesis II 35.5 Ka
    Bibb County: Laser
    Bremen: K
    Buchanan: K
    Carroll County: K, Ka, Laser
    Carrollton: K
    Cherokee County: K (mostly Kustom KR-10), some Ka
    Clayton: K
    Clayton County: K, Laser, I/O Ka-band
    Cobb County: [MPH] Python II Ka (no same lane/fastest mode), Python III Ka, BEE III Ka (traffic enforcement units only, slick top Camaros), Laser, K
    College Park: Ka, Laser
    Coweta County: K
    Dallas: K
    DeKalb County: Ka-band, LTI Ultralyte, ProLaser III (updated 07/03/2009)
    Dillard: K
    Doraville: Laser Atlanta
    Douglas County: K, Ka, Laser
    Dunwoody: Kustom Raptor RP-1 (K-band), Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser R (updated 06/15/2009)
    East Point: Golden Eagle Ka, Laser
    Emerson: K, Ka
    Fayette County: K
    Fayetteville: K, Laser
    Fulton County: K, Ka, Laser (PL III)
    General Note: Lots of [Decatur] Genesis I K band units in county and city PDs.
    GSP: K, Genesis II Ka (very, very few of these). Laser-PLIII, Stalker Ka confirmed. Looks like they're steadily replacing the K band Genesis I units., Kustom Golden Eagle 35.5 Ka, Truspeed
    Gwennit County: PL III, TruSpeed (updated 06/08/2009)
    Gwinnett: Ka, Laser (Ultralyte)
    Hall County: Laser
    Haralson County: K
    Henry County: K, Laser
    Hiram: K
    Kennesaw: Genesis I K
    Lamar County: K
    Marietta: Genesis I K, Laser
    Milner: K
    Milton: Laser
    Mountain City: K
    National Park Service (Kennesaw Mountain Park): MPH BEE-36 K
    Palmetto: K
    Paulding County: K
    Peachtree City: K, Ka
    Polk County: K
    Powder Springs: Eagle & Golden Eagle K & Ka, Python III K (update, no Python II Ka, only 35.5 for Ka), Laser (Laser Atlanta)
    Rabun County: K
    Rockmart: K
    Roswell: Laser, MPH Python K or Ka-band, usually constant-on
    Sandy Springs: Laser (PL III), Add Kustom 35.5 Ka
    Savannah: Chatam Police-K, 35.5 Ka, LTI Truspeed (updated 07/03/2009)
    Senoia: K
    Smyrna: Laser (PL III, Pro-Lite, Ultralyte), Kustom 35.5 Ka
    Suwanee: Laser
    Tallapoosa: K, Laser
    Tunnel Hill: Ka (35.5)
    Tyrone: K (Ka unconfirmed)
    Union City: K,Ka,Laser
    Valdosta: Laser
    Villa Rica: K, Ka, Laser
    Waycross: K,LASER
    Whitesburg: K (very nasty speedtrap, BTW)
    Whitfield County: Laser
    Woodstock: K, Ka, Laser (Ultralyte)

    Hawaii (thanks StlouisX50)

    Honolulu: Laser [LTI Ultralyte, 20/20]
    State Troopers: I've also heard that Hawaii's state troopers use laser only--no radar (kpatz)

    Idaho (thanks lgreen, StlouisX50)

    Ada County Sheriff: Ka, K
    Boise: K
    Caldwell: K
    Canyon County: Laser (LTI)
    Canyon County Sheriff: Ka, K (I have also picked up POP twice and laser twice in Canyon County, but was unable to confirm that it came from a cop)
    Garden City: K
    Idaho State Police: Ka, Laser
    Meridian: K
    Nampa: K

    Illinois (thanks bballkking1, cell21633, Clay_in_Nashville, gilberto814, GoHawks63, jgsx, OnlyZ, richardboy316, SHC33, Spinner55, StlouisX50, vw242, yamaha1)

    Bridgeview: K (updated 07/31/2009)
    Bryon: Municipal K band
    Burbank (Cook County): K primarily, Ka C/O
    Cedarville: K
    Cherry Valley: Ka (Golden Eagle, 35.5)
    Chicago (St. Louis Metro Area): Ka (Decatur Genesis 35.5), Laser (PL III), Redlight Enforcement (inductive loop), X (traffic density monitoring)
    Collinsville (St. Louis Metro Area): KA
    Des Plaines (St. Louis Metro Area): Ka
    Durand (Winnebago County): Ka POP MPH Bee 3
    East St. louis (St. Louis Metro Area): KA
    Elgin: Laser
    Forreston (OGLE County): K band
    Fox Lake (St. Louis Metro Area): Ka and rare low powered Xband on Rt 12 south of town.,K
    Freeport (Stephenson County): K, Ka and 1 Lidar
    Glen Carbon (St. Louis Metro Area): Radar Type Unknown, Laser
    Glencoe (Cook County): KA, K
    Granite City (St. Louis Metro Area): K, KA
    Gurnee (St. Louis Metro Area): Ka, Laser
    Highland Park (Cook County): Ka/k
    Illinois State Police (St. Louis Metro Area): Ka, Laser, Vascar (White Blocks)
    Indian Head Park: Ka and K constant on
    ISP: Ka (Golden Eagle, Genesis II)
    Kenilworth (Cook County): KA
    LaGrange: Constant on Ka
    Lake county sheriff (St. Louis Metro Area): K, Ka.
    Lena (Stephenson County): K and Ka POP (2 MPH Bee III HEAVY speed enforcement)
    Lincolnwood: kustom trooper units for k band. dash mounted unit and antenna.
    Lincolnwood/Skokie (St. Louis Metro Area): Ka, K
    Madison (St. Louis Metro Area): K, KA
    Madison County (St. Louis Metro Area): KA, X
    Mundelein (St. Louis Metro Area): I/O and C/O Ka
    Ogle County Sheriff (St. Louis Metro Area): K [Kustom 1000 DS], Golden Eagle Directional in K9 car
    Orangeville (Stephenson County): X band (2/07 last X band unit known to be used in the county)
    Oregon: Suburban Black and White Kustom Talon Ka
    Park Ridge: Ka
    Plainfield (St. Louis Metro Area): K
    Pontoon Beach (St. Louis Metro Area): KA, Possible Laser, Maximum 5 mph over tolerance
    Rock Falls (Whiteside County): Kustom Golden Eagle dual Ka....
    Rockford (Winnebago County): K, Ka, Lidar. X band NOT used.
    Romeoville (St. Louis Metro Area): Ka (mostly moving IO)
    Roscoe (Winnebago County): Ka C/O-I/O 35.5 (updated 06/08/2009)
    Savanna: Decatur Genesis 1 and 2 K band.
    Sheriff (Stephenson County): K and Ka, Laser (updated 06/08/2009)
    Sheriffs (Cook County): K, Constant
    Slocum Lake (Lake County): Ka (Dark Blue Charger)
    South Beloit: Ka Unknown make. Low profile car
    St. Clair County (St. Louis Metro Area): KA
    State Police: K
    Vernon Hills (St. Louis Metro Area): Ka, Laser
    Western Springs: Ka
    Willowbrook: Constant on Ka
    Winnetka (Cook County): KA, K

    Indiana (thanks Bear-Tweezy, djrams80, JeepinJeff, joegibs, linkinpark9812, robcollins5, Rocky, StlouisX50, tommygii, yamaha1)

    Allen County: Laser
    Carmel: Ka
    Evansville: Laser (Stalker)
    Highland (Lake County): K C/O and possibly K I/O, and also Ka band C/O
    Indianapolis: K moving/stationary
    ISP: on 80/90 Tollroad, Ka, On I-90 Gary/Hammond area ISP trooper using X band (updated 06/08/2009)
    ISP on I-64: K, Ka, Laser, VASCAR
    Lawrence: K/Ka- moving/stationary also seen shooting from rear onto 465 onramp
    Lowell (Lake County): X and K
    Marion County: K moving/stationary
    Mishawaka: Ka, Laser
    Munster (Lake County): K and Ka
    On I-94 Near Gary: K
    Plainfield: K/Ka
    South Bend: KA, K
    State Police: KA,K
    State Troopers: Ka moving/stationary, Laser, Kustom PLIII-most popular ProLite-some seen

    Iowa (thanks duhtroll, StlouisX50, xcr440sp)

    Cedar Falls: Ka 35.5 and 33.8 radar, laser
    Denver: Laser
    Floyd County: Laser (LTI Ultralyte)
    Grundy County: MPH BEE III Ka, possible POP (updated 07/21/2009)
    Hardin County: KA and X band (unmarked Crown Victoria) (updated 07/21/2009)
    Roland: Laser
    State Patrol: K, Laser
    University Heights: Laser
    Waterloo: Ka 33.8
    Waukee: Laser

    Kansas (thanks , hooges, moturadar, rockstate45, StlouisX50)

    Johnson County: Laser
    Lawrence: Laser
    Leawood (Overland Park): K, Laser
    Lenexa: Ka
    Lyon County: Laser
    Overland Park: 13 Pro Laser III, Lidar guns!!! October 10th 2007
    Shawnee County: about 90% Ka with about 10% K have heard rumors of them running lidar, but have not seen any first hand.
    Topeka: Ka, K, Just saw a motorcycle cop with an LTI Ultralyte today. Have not personally encountered X band.
    Wichita: Laser (Pro Laser III)

    Kentucky (thanks Bear-Tweezy, justinkk2005, mlyon83, wegrowhair)

    Boone County: X, K, Ka, Laser
    Campbell County: K, Ka, Laser
    Hopkinsville: K/Ka
    Kenton County: X, K, Ka, Laser[LTI 20/20]
    KSP and DOT: K, Ka (I/O), Laser. All Sheriffs in the counties listed all have Ka
    Pike County Sheriff: X
    Pikeville (City): K C/O
    Prospect: X, K, Ka

    Louisiana (thanks <<JAZZY>>, charlie, cooljay, dpizz450, theshadow)

    Baton Rouge: Laser
    Bogalusa, LA: K
    Causeway Police: Ka, Laser (LTI)
    Covington: K
    East Baton Rouge: Laser and KA, Sheriffs Department, Ka Constant On (moving)
    Folsom: K (X not used anymore)
    Franklinton: K
    Hammond: K, Ka
    Livingston Parish: K
    Louisiana State Troopers: Ka (Front & Rear), Laser (LTI)
    Madisonville: K, Ka
    Mandeville: K, Ka
    Natchitoches: KA (I/O)
    New Orleans: Ka
    Southeastern Louisiana University: K
    St. Landry: KA (<speedtrap heaven)
    St. Tammany Parish Sheriff: K, Ka
    Tangipahoa Parish: Ka
    Tickfaw: X
    Walker: K
    Washington Parish Sheriff: K

    Maine (thanks DougiesGoinDeep, hockey005, nategr8ns, Retaliation, StlouisX50)

    Auburn: Ka
    Augusta: Laser
    Bath: Laser (looked like PL III or Stalker...he was shooting in the rain and he shot me!)
    Brunswick: K, Ka
    Falmouth: Ka 35.5
    Kittery: Ka-band (Moving C/O)
    Old Orchard Beach: Ka (35.5)
    Portland: Ka, Laser, Vascar around Portland (approximately exit/milemarker 30-60 on I95)
    Scarborough: K (updated 06/27/2009)
    State Police: K, Ka 34.7, Laser, have unmarked silver with black racing stripes mustang GT's (I believe there are 2 maybe 3) that use Ka, There are now two Dodge Hemi Chargers too.
    York: Ka Band in the Suburban, K-band in the Crown vics

    Maryland (thanks ancientintegra, bmw330i, hockey005, maskellxx, Myriad, RR, Stealth 795, StlouisX50)

    Anne Arundel County Sheriffs (Anne Arundel County): K/Ka I/O, Laser
    Baltimore: Laser
    Baltimore city: laser
    Baltimore county: ka constant stalker guns, laser, k constant
    Bethany: Ka
    calvert county: Ka and laser
    Chevy Chase: Laser
    Fenwick Island: Ka
    Frederick: Laser
    Harford County- Sheriffs and harford county: K, Ka, Laser
    Howard county: Laser, ka IO constant ...and unknown any others
    Montgomery County: LTI Laser
    Msp: Ka constant and IO, laser unknown any others...
    MTA: Ka
    Ocean city: ka constant and unknown any others
    Pikesville: Lidar
    Prince Georges County: Constant-on and instant on moving K
    Salisbury: k constant
    State Troopers (Anne Arundel County): K/Ka I/O, Laser, Ka constant on, moving.
    Statewide: X, K, Ka, Laser, Pacing
    Wicomico: k,x constant, unknown to any others

    Massachusetts (thanks cincyreds, hockey005, kempobmx1, kevblah, nomore55, RadarKid, StlouisX50, Sufu)

    Arrlington: Laser
    Brookline: Laser
    Dedham: Laser (I suspect K and Ka bands for radar)
    Dover: Ka
    Groton: K
    Marlborough: C/O K
    Medfield: K, Ka
    Medway: K
    Millis: K, Ka
    Nahant: K, Ka
    Norwood: Laser (I suspect K and Ka bands for radar)
    South Attleboro: K, Ka
    State Police: To add to unmarked cars there is a unmarked black expedition that shoots Ka
    State Trooper: K, Ka (Expedition, Crown Vic, Charger)
    State Troopers: K, KA and Laser but mostly Laser (I think LTi Ultralytes). The newer Crown Vic's use Ka, and theres one unmarked tinted out Impala SS that uses Ka. This is mostly through Rt2/128.
    Sudbury: C/O Ka
    Walpole: Ka
    Weston: C/O K
    Westwood: Ka

    Michigan (thanks AlexRuiz, alpinestars_2002795, bauzer71487, biggreensigns, EasY E, FoolishOne, Jammer84_03, jdong, joegibs, languy99, nhlhitz23, oaklandmrt, ProudNMAmember, repeter, StlouisX50)

    Allen Park: Laser
    Ann Arbor: K, Ka
    Battle Creek: Laser, K, Ka
    Bay City: K, KA, Laser
    Bay County: Ka,Laser, K, Pacing. SP post has LA S Stealth, Marksman, UL LRB/100LR, PL III.
    Benton Harbor: k, ka
    Berrien County Sheriff: k
    Beverly Hills: Laser
    Big Rapids: K, KA
    Canton (Wayne County): Ka (updated 05/27/2009)
    Carrollton: Laser (LTI 20/20)
    Clawson: K
    Clinton: Laser
    Clinton County: Laser
    Corunna: Ka 35.5 (updated 08/02/2009)
    Davidson Clarkston: Ultralyte LRB
    Davison Township: Laser
    East Lansing: K, Ka band
    Escanaba: Ka,K,POP,Laser (PL III, possibly Ultralyte 200LR)
    Flint: Pro Laser III
    Flint Township: C/O Ka
    Grand Rapids: Ka, K, Laser (Ultralyte), Prolaser III, Laser Atlanta S
    Grosse Pointe: Ka
    Holland: K, Ka, Laser
    Jackson- Police: Ka
    Kalamazoo: Laser, K, Ka
    Kentwood: K,Ka,Laser
    Lansing: K, Ka, Laser
    Mackinaw City: Ka, K (updated 07/01/2009)
    Madison Hts: K
    Meridian Township: Ka
    Muskegon: K, Ka, Laser
    Novi (Wayne County): K/KA (updated 05/27/2009)
    Oakland County Sheriff: Ka, K
    Ogemaw County: Pacing, 35.5 Golden Eagle Ka, K, Laser, ProLaser III's and Ultralyte LRB or 100Lr's.
    Ottawa County: Laser (LTI Ultra Lyte LR)
    Plymouth (Wayne County): Ka (updated 05/27/2009)
    Rose City: K, Decatur Genesis/Directional
    Royal Oak: Ka, K
    Saginaw: K, Ka, Laser
    St. Ignace: K (updated 07/01/2009)
    St. Joseph: K, Ka, Laser
    State: Freeways. 35.5 golden eagle Ka, Laser Ultrylte or Prolaser III's, and some laser atlanta's. Statewide Highways, Ka,K band, then Laser.
    State Police: Laser
    Troy: K, Ka, Laser
    Walker: K, Ka, Laser
    Warren: Ka, Laser
    West Branch: City (K, Ka), County (Ka, K)
    Wyoming: K,Ka

    Minnesota (thanks cyberblob, DogGod, jmatasov, joegibs, Silverstreak98, StealthyPhantom, StlouisX50, strmchaxsr, wanderingmind, xrs9430)

    Apple Valley: MPH Enforcer, Ka Band 33.8, Pro Laser III shooting north bound traffic on Cedar AVE and 142nd street
    Apple Valley: Pro Laser III: Laser
    Baxter: Laser
    Bemidji: Laser
    Benton County: Laser
    Blaine: Laser
    Bloomington: Laser
    Burnsville: Stalker ATR, Ka Band 34.7
    Carver County: Stalker 34.7, Kustom 35.5, PLIII, X band...(Encountered blue fully marked Crown Victoria on 11/1/2008 traveling East HWY 312 at cross road HWY 41 utilizing C/O X Band, Unknown which jurisdiction.), K
    Chisago County: Laser
    Cottage Grove: K, Laser
    Deephaven: Stalker 34.7, PLIII
    Eagan: Laser
    Eden Prairie: Ka(35.5 Kustom), K, Pro Laser III
    Excelsior: Ka, K band (rear antennas), Prolaser III
    Faribault: Laser
    Fridley: Laser
    Hopkins: KA, K
    Lakeville: K, Ka, Laser
    Long Lake: Ka
    Mankato: K, Laser
    Maplewood: Laser
    Martin County: Laser
    Medina: Laser
    Minnetonka: KA(35.5 Kustom), K, Pro Laser III
    Minnetonka Beach: Ka
    Nobles County: Laser
    Orono: KA, K
    Ramsey County: K, Ka (IO) and laser.
    Red Wing: Ka
    Richfield: KA
    Rochester: Laser (PL III), Ka 35.5
    Roseville: K, Ka and laser.
    Savage: K
    Shakopee: Ka (Kustom Signals/Decatur 35.500Mhz), K band CO
    South St. Paul: Laser
    Spring Park: Ka
    St. Paul: K, Ka and laser.
    State Patrol: Ka (Stalker 34.7, Golden Eagle 35.5), Laser (PLIII)
    Twin Cities: Kustom Pro Lite on 94N/Lowry Ave.
    Waite Park: Laser
    Worthington: Laser (PL3)

    Mississippi (thanks bart99gt, cooljay, Edwv30, fromthecoast, Jman2453, MattN03, radar_hunter123, StlouisX50)

    Biloxi: Ka, K
    Clinton: X, K
    Diberville: K
    Flowood: K
    Gulfport: K Band (I/O) (updated 07/27/2009)
    Harrison County: Laser
    Hattiesburg (Forrest County): Ka
    Jackson: X, K, Laser
    Laurel (Jones County): K
    Madison: K, Ka
    Ocean Springs: K
    Olive Branch: K
    Olive Branch & Walls P.D. (Desoto County): Ka
    Ridgeland: K, Ka
    Southaven & Horn Lake P.D. (Desoto County): K
    State troopers: Ka, X, and K

    Missouri (thanks GTRstikya, IRCMUSA, maxima lover, ppboy37, rotaxx787, sixfootgeek, StlouisX50, transammatt, v1user, y2kmax)

    Arnold: RLC (Red Light Cameras), Laser (Type unconfirmed) (updated 08/04/2009)
    Bella Villa: Ka
    Belridge: Ka [Stalker, 34.7], instant-on
    Brentwood: Ka, K
    Byrnes Mill: Ka
    Cape Girardeau: K Ka, LIDAR (Stalker, PL3, Marksman)
    Chesterfield: Ka and unmarked LEO pacing, Laser
    Clayton: Ka
    Columbia: RLC
    Cottleville: KA I/O and Laser.
    Crestwood: Ka
    Creve Coeur: Ka, Laser (PL III confirmed by StLouisX50)
    Des Peres: K, Laser
    Ellisville: Ka, Laser
    Eureka: Ka, Laser
    Ferguson: K, KA
    Florissant: KA, RLC, Laser (one gun confirmed by trainee)
    Foley: KA
    Foristell: Laser
    Franklin County Sheriffs: Mostly Ka, a few K
    Frontenac: K, KA, Laser (2 Laser guns at the same time) (Frequency of 155.100 Mhz)
    Gladstone: Ka, Laser
    Glendale: K, Ka
    Hazelwood: KA, Laser
    Kirkwood: KA, Laser
    Ladue: KA, K, Laser
    Lake St. Louis: Ka band moving and stationary I/O (updated 07/08/2009)
    Louisianna: K
    Manchester: Ka, Laser
    Maplewood: Ka
    Maryland Heights: Laser
    Missouri State: KA, Laser, Vascar (White Blocks)
    Moscow Mills: Ka, Laser, K band hiding under k-band speed signs (updated 07/08/2009)
    Normandy: K
    North Kansas City: Ka, Laser
    O'Fallon: K, KA, Laser
    Old Monroe: Ka
    Ollivette: Ka, Laser
    Pacific: Ka
    Parkville: K, Laser
    Pine Lawn: Ka, Laser
    Richmond Heights: K, KA
    Rock Hill: K, KA
    Sheriff (Calloway County): C/O K-band and I/O Ka-band (updated 08/04/2009)
    Shrewsbury: Ka, Laser
    St. Charles: KA
    St. Charles County: KA
    St. Clair: Ka
    St. George: Ka, K
    St. Louis City: KA, Laser, RLC
    St. Louis County: KA, Laser, Vascar "Blocks" (Frequency of 156.120 Mhz), Has K band as well in "Affton area" only
    St. Peters: KA, RLC
    Sunset Hills: Ka
    Town N Country: K, KA, Laser, Pace (Frequency of 151.0175 & 155.100 Mhz)
    Troy: KA
    Union: Ka
    Universty City: Ka
    Warson Woods: Ka
    Washington: Ka
    Webster Groves: K, Ka, Laser
    Wentzville: KA, RLC
    Winfield: KA

    Montana (thanks drochebs, StlouisX50)

    Glendale: K Band
    Manchester: Laser
    Versailles: X Band

    Nebraska (thanks Freebird, jonnyozero3, StlouisX50)

    Dakota County: Laser
    Highway Patrol: Ka
    La Vista: possible K...unconfirmed after one instance.
    Papillion: Ka --34.7 = Stalker
    Platte County: Laser
    Sarpy County Sheriff: Ka -- 33.775/33.804 = MPH
    State Police: LTI (Laser), I/O K Band

    Nevada (thanks djrams80, Esoterica, FlyingTiger)

    Cities Large: Ka
    Cities small: K and Ka
    County: K and Ka
    Las Vegas: 35.5 Ka
    Reno: Ka, State Patrol uses Ka
    State: Ka and POP
    Washoe Country Sheriff: K, KA

    New Brunswick - Canada (thanks Aoshi)

    Trans Canada Highway: (RCMP) Ka C/O

    New Hampshire (thanks JohnGalt, Kayrac, kempobmx1, kw79, StlouisX50, tdg)

    Amherst: K, Ka [35.5]
    Auburn: K, Ka
    Bedford: K, Ka[35.5], Laser(unconfirmed)
    Brentwood: K (Decatur), may be getting a Charger soon
    Campton: C/O Ka
    Candia: Ka
    Charlestown: K, Ka (almost all Ka now, speed warning signs only thing left using K it appears) (updated 06/29/2009)
    Claremont: K, Ka (updated 06/29/2009)
    Concord: K, Ka[35.5]
    Derry: K, Ka [35.5 Talon II]
    Dover: K
    Durham: K, Ka
    Epping: Ka (35.5)
    Fremont: Ka
    Greenfield: K
    Hampton: K
    Hollis: K, Ka
    Hopkinton: K
    Hudson: K, Ka
    Keene: Ka
    Lebanon: K
    Lee: Ka 35.5, plus a K band speed sign
    Londonderry: K
    Madbury: Ka 35.5
    Manchester: K [Kustom], Ka[35.5 Decatur], Laser [PL III].
    Mason: K
    Merrimack: K (no laser at present)
    Nashua: K, Laser
    New London: KA
    Newport: K
    Pelham: K [Decatur?], Ka
    Plaistow: Ka [Talon]
    Portsmouth: Ka[35.5]
    Raymond: Ka
    Route 12: from Lebanon to Mass Boarder is K or Ka, mostly Ka (updated 06/29/2009)
    Route 9: between Keene and Concord, Ka, Pacing (updated 06/29/2009)
    Salem: K, Ka [Kustom, Decatur]
    State Troopers: Ka [Stalker 34.7 and now 35.5], K [Decatur], Laser [PL II/III], also have some new marked Chargers. An Ultralyte Compact has been sighted near exit 2 on route 101 in the Manchester/Auburn area. 10/10/08, sighted a NHSP Charger running 35.5 Ka on I-93 S betw. Manchester and Salem.
    Walpole: K, Ka (updated 06/29/2009)
    Weare: K
    Windham: K, Ka

    New Jersey (thanks acura_driver, Chops, Cips, elcapy, focalcivic, hockey005, homelessdrunk, hookem202, iskcon, KaPro, midd, pesiroil, radarrob, Retaliation, rockets713, stonednt, TrooNorth, UpandDown, vasmir, yemntftb)

    Absecon (Atlantic County): Ka
    Asbury Park (Monmouth County): X
    Atco (Camden County): Ka
    Bayhead (Ocean County): Ka (front and rear antenna)
    Bedminster Twp (Somerset County): Cont. K and X
    Belmar (Monmouth County): Ka
    Belmawr (Gloucester County): Ka
    Bergen County Sheriff (Bergen County): X
    Bergenfield (Bergen County): K band
    Berkeley Heights (Union County): K-band
    Bernard Township (Somerset County): X instant on, Laser [Ultralyte]
    Bernardsville (Somerset County): Ka equipted cruisers/X equipped SUV
    bordentown (Burlington County): Ka
    Brick (Ocean County): X (K-55), K, Ka
    Bridgeton (Cumberland County): X
    Bridgewater (Somerset County): Ka
    Brielle (Monmouth County): I/O X Band.
    Brigantine (Atlantic County): X, K
    burlington city (Burlington County): X,Ka
    Burlington Twp (Burlington County): Stalker DSR Ka 34.7
    Camden (Camden County): X band
    Chatham (Morris County): Instant on K, X rear+forward mounted
    Chatham Twp (Morris County): X, K
    Cherry Hill (Camden County): X/K, Ka (33.8 confirmed)
    Chester (Morris County): K, Instant-on X
    Chester Twp (Morris County): Const. X
    cinnaminson (Burlington County): X
    Clinton (Hunterdon County): Ka (A&P is the K signal)
    Clinton Twp (Hunterdon County): K, Ka and IIRC X
    Cumberland County (Cumberland County): X
    Deal (Monmouth County): X
    Delran (Burlington County): X (updated 06/22/2009)
    Dumont (Bergen County): K band
    Dunellen (Middlesex County): K-band
    Evesham Township (Burlington County): X
    Ewing Police Instant (Mercer County): On X, Ka
    Far Hills Police (Somerset County): Instant on Ka use on 202
    Florence (Burlington County): X (Instant On), Ka stalker dsr
    Florham Park (Morris County): Constant/Instant On X
    Fort Lee (bergen County): K, Ka, X
    Fort Monmouth (Monmouth County): Ka
    Franklin Lakes Police (Bergen County): Ka
    Franklin Township (Somerset County): X, K, Ka
    freehold (Monmouth County): ka
    Garden State Parkway (NJSP) (Monmouth County): X, instant on x, Laser (Ultralyte)
    Gibbsboro (Camden County): K
    Gloucester City (Gloucester County): Ka
    Haddon Township (Camden County): Ka/K
    Haledon (Passaic County): Ka 34.7 (updated 05/28/2009)
    Hamilton (Mercer County): X, K, Ka (35.5)
    Hammonton (Atlantic County): Ka
    Hanover Twp (Morris County): Instant on Ka
    Harding Twp (Morris County): Instant on K, Const. X
    High Bridge (Hunterdon County): K, infrequent Ka
    Holmdel Twp (Monmouth County): X/K
    Hopewell (Mercer County): X, Ka
    Jersey City (Hudson County): Ka
    Kenilworth (Union County): Ka
    Lacey Twp (Ocean County): Ka (courtesy of Colin "The Porter" Cento)
    Lawrence Twp (Mercer County): Ka
    Leonia (bergen County): Ka
    Little falls (Passaic County): Ka (leo was perpendicular to the road shooting a Ka band hand held radar gun)
    Long Branch (Monmouth County): ka
    Long Hill Twp (Morris County): X-band... At least in the unmarked Crown Vic.
    Long Valley Police (Hunterdon County): Instant-on K (these guys are queeksdraws) Includes parts of Tewksbury.
    Lumberton (Burlington County): X
    Madison (Morris County): Cont. K, Ka
    Mahwah Police (Bergen County): K, Ka I-287 thru Exit 54 Speed Traps
    mainsfeild (Burlington County): X
    Manasquan (Monmouth County): Ka
    Manchester Twp (Ocean County): Ka.
    mansfield (Burlington County): Ka
    Margate (Atlantic County): 34.7 Ka, Dodge Durango uses X
    Maywood (Bergen County): Ka
    medford (Burlington County): X, K, Ka (33.8 confirmed today)
    Mendham (Morris County): K
    Mendham Twp (Morris County): Cont. Ka Dual Antenna, (no more X band)
    Middletown (Monmouth County): X
    Millburn Twp (Morris County): ? Ka/K instant on/UNCONFIRMED source
    Millville (Cumberland County): K
    Monmouth beach (Monmouth County): K/Ka, instant on KA
    Montgomery (Somerset County): X (updated 08/02/2009)
    Moorestown (Burlington County): Ka, X
    Morris County Park (Morris County): Cont. X, K, Ka
    Morristown (Morris County): Ka, Instant on K
    Mount Laurel (Burlington County): K , Ka (35.5), X
    Mountainside (Union County): Ka Band
    mountholly (Burlington County): X
    Mullica (Atlantic County): 34.7 Ka, K
    New Brunswick (Middlesex County): Ka (updated 07/31/2009)
    New Milford (Bergen County): K band
    New Providence (Union County): K
    Newark (Essex County): X and KA (instant on, c/o)sheriff uses X, K, KA
    Newton (Sussex County): K
    NJ State Trooper: Laser, X (instant and constant-on MPH K-55), KA band, are starting to use the Stalker DSR 2X, K band as well
    Northfield (Atlantic County): 34.7 Ka
    Oakland Police Instant (Bergen County): On K
    Ocean City (Cape May County): Ka/K, Laser (courtesy of Don)
    Ocean Port (Monmouth County): X, instant on X
    Ocean Twp. (Monmouth County): X (updated 06/07/2009)
    Paramus (bergen County): Laser, Ka
    Parsippany (Morris County): X
    Peapack Police (Somerset County): Ka Dual Antenna *RT 206 speed traps*
    Piscataway (Middlesex County): K
    Pitman (Cumberland County): Ka
    Port Authority Police ( jurisdiction in NY, NJ ): Ka.
    Princeton Borough (Mercer County): X, K, Ka
    Princeton Twp. (Mercer County): X, K, Ka
    Ramsey (Bergen County): Ka/K/X
    Readington (Hunterdon County): X, Ka
    Roebling (Burlington County): X
    Roxbury (Morris County): laser (possible)
    Roxbury Twp (Morris County): K
    Rt 31 (Hunterdon County): K, Ka, X very adept at hiding under constant X signal south of Glen Gardner, mostly at night, probably for DUI.
    Rt. 513 (Lebanon) (Hunterdon County): K
    Runson (Monmouth County): K and rolling instant on K band
    Sandy Hook (Monmouth County): Ka
    Scotch Plains (Union County): K
    Sea Bright (Monmouth County): X/K
    Sea Girt (Monmouth County): Ka band.
    Sheriffs (Passaic County): Ka, laser (updated 05/28/2009)
    Somers Point (Cape May County): X
    South Bound Brook (Somerset County): X-band
    Sparta (Sussex County): Ka, Dual Antenna (only encountered constant though...wierd)
    Stafford Township - Ocean County (Ocean County): Ka band
    Summit (Union County): X
    TCNJ Campus (Mercer County): Ka
    Trenton (Mercer County): Ka
    Ventnor (Atlantic County): K
    Vineland (Cumberland County): X some traffic division have K, Ka
    Voorhees (Camden County): Ka/K/X
    Wall township (Monmouth County): X, K, Ka, Laser, I/O
    Warren (Somerset County): X, Ka band, 34.7 in their new Charger.
    Washington Township (Gloucester County): X
    Wayne (Passaic County): Ka (I/o!)
    West Windsor (Mercer County): Ka, Laser (looked like a Truspeed) (updated 07/01/2009)
    Westhampton (Burlington County): X, Ka (updated 07/08/2009)
    Wildwood (Cumberland County): Ka
    Willingboro (Burlington County): Ka
    Willingboro Township (Burlington County): X
    Willingboro Township Police x (Burlington County): X
    Woodbridge (Middlesex County): Ka band
    Woolwich Township (Gloucester County): Ka
    Wyckoff (Bergen County): K

    New Mexico (thanks batwings, Freebird, StlouisX50)

    Alamogordo (Otero Sheriff): Ka
    Albuquerque: RLC (inductive loop)
    Highway patrol: K, Ka, laser from overpasses
    Los Ranchos de Albuquerque: Laser
    Moriarity (Torrance County): X
    Sandoval County, NM -SO: Laser [LTI Ultralyte, 20/20]confirmed 1 unit only shared by all SO.
    Tularosa (local): K

    New York (thanks AirMoore, alpinestars_2002795, CamMan, cincyreds, CJR238, computersoc, crazyVOLVOrob, dd61999, jdmcivic25, KaPro, Ken_Allen, lukenosewalker, nyjason13, OPTiK, richard, Solidjake, SoulRider4Ever, tiger17, upstatedoc, Victor, yemntftb)

    Albany (city) (Albany County): Ka
    Albany County Sheriff (Albany County): Ka
    Also Grand Rapids Michigan Update (Otsego County): Prolaser III and I saw a Laser Atlanta S being used on South I=131
    Amherst: K, Ka (MPH Python 33.8, Kustom or Decatur 35.5)
    Auburn (Cayuga County): (Cayuga), K,Ka,Laser (updated 07/24/2009)
    Baldwinsville Village (Onondaga County): K only (updated 07/04/2009)
    Brighton (Monroe County): Ka
    Broome County Sheriff (Broome County): K
    Buffalo: Ka, K
    Canastota (Onondaga County): K (updated 05/28/2009)
    Canastota (Madison County): K (updated 05/28/2009)
    Carmel (Putnam County): Some KA but primarily C/O K.
    Chappaqua (Westchester County): K, KA & laser. C/O K, I/O KA.
    Cheektowaga (Erie County): K
    Chester (Orange County): K
    Chittenango (Madison County): K, Ka 35.5 (updated 05/28/2009)
    Chittenango (Onondaga County): K, Ka 35.5 (updated 05/28/2009)
    Cicero (Onondaga County): K, Ka (updated 07/04/2009)
    Cohoes (Albany County): K, Ka
    Colonie (Albany County): K, Ka
    County Sheriff (Ontario County): K, Ka
    County Sheriff (Monroe County): K, Ka
    County Sheriff (Oneida County): K
    East Fishkill Police Dept (Seneca County): K, Ka
    East Greenbush (Rensselaer County): K, Ka
    East Hampton: Ultralyte Laser and K-band
    East Hampton PD: K band
    Endicott (Broome County): Ka-34.7
    Essex County Sheriff (Erie County): Ka
    Florida (Orange County): Ka
    Fort Drum (Otsego County): Pilot RLCs, K IO/CO.
    Frankfort (Herkimer County): K, Ka 35.5 (updated 05/28/2009)
    Frankfort (Onondaga County): K, Ka 35.5 (updated 05/28/2009)
    Fredonia/Dunkirk (Seneca County): K
    Geneva (Ontario County): K, Ka [35.5]
    Goshen (Orange County): K
    Greece (Monroe County): Ka, K Band (updated 08/04/2009)
    Guilderland (Albany County): K, Ka
    Hamburg: K band
    I-290 State Police (Erie County): Ka, Laser (LTI Marksman 20-20)
    Johnson City (Broome County): Ka-34.7
    Keeseville (Clinton County): K, Ka
    Kenmore (Erie County): Ka (Decatur Genesis II Select, Stalker)
    Kirkland (Oneida County): K, Ka
    Lake Placid (Essex County): Ka
    Lancaster (Seneca County): K, Ka [34.7-Stalker]
    Latham (Albany County): K, Ka
    Liverpool Village (Onondaga County): K only (updated 07/04/2009)
    Loudonville (Albany County): K, Ka
    Manlius (Onondaga County): K, Ka 35.5 (updated 05/28/2009)
    Maybrook (Orange County): K
    Menands (Albany County): K, Ka
    Middletown (Orange County): K, Ka
    Monroe (Orange County): K
    Montgomery (Orange County): K, Ka
    Montgomery/Maybrook Police Dept (Seneca County): K, Ka
    Nassau County: Ka band, Laser (updated 06/04/2009)
    New Hartford (Oneida County): K
    New York City: Laser, Ka, K
    New York State University: K band (updated 07/20/2009)
    Niskayuna (Albany County): K, SOME Ka, Laser
    NY State Troopers: K (mostly IO), Laser (Ultralyte), Ka 35.5
    NY State University: K
    NYSP (Broome County): laser, Ka-34.7
    Onondaga County (Onondaga County): (near Cayuga) Laser, Ka (updated 07/24/2009)
    Oriskany (Oneida County): K
    Peru (Clinton County): K, Ka
    Plattsburgh (city) (Clinton County): K, Ka
    Plattsburgh (town) (Clinton County): K, Ka, Laser
    Putnam County Sheriff (Putnam County): K
    Putnam Valley (Putnam County): C/O k, some I/O
    Rochester (Monroe County): X band (updated 08/04/2009)
    Rt 17 / 84 /87 (Orange County): Ka, Laser
    Saratoga (Saratoga County): K, Ka
    Saratoga Police (Saratoga County): Ka constant On.
    Saratoga Sheriff (Saratoga County): K, Ka Constant On
    Sheriff (Cayuga County): K, now uses Ka band inside their new cars, its not just K anymore... Watch out!
    Sheriff (Seneca County): K
    Sheriffs (Erie County): K, Ka 35.5, K, Ka, Laser? (not yet confirmed, but I'm pretty sure) (I had an X encounter several months ago, haven't since) (updated 05/28/2009)
    State Police (Essex County): Ka
    Suffolk County Highway Patrol (Seneca County): Laser, likely also K and Ka
    Syracuse (Onondaga County): K, Ka 35.5,laser (updated 05/28/2009)
    Tonawanda: They are using Kustom ProLaser III as well (saw today on I-290)!!!
    Tonawanda (City) (Seneca County): K, Ka (Talon II, Falcon)
    Tonawanda (Town) (Seneca County): K or Ka (unknown)-Decatur guns, also Stalker II Ka [34.7]
    Troy (Rensselaer County): K, Ka
    Utica (Oneida County): Laser (updated 07/25/2009)
    Vestal (Broome County): Ka 35.5 &34.7 (updated 05/28/2009)
    Walden (Orange County): K
    Warren County Sheriff (Seneca County): Ka
    Watertown (Otsego County): 33.8 Ka MPH,35.5 Ka,34.7 Ka, some K
    Watervliet (Albany County): K, Ka
    Webster (Monroe County): Ka
    Westchester County (Seneca County): K, Ka, Laser
    Yorktown (Putnam County): C/O and I/O k

    Newfoundland - Canada (thanks Aoshi)

    Corner Brook: (RNC & RCMP) Ka 35.5 C/O
    Grandfalls: (RCMP) Ka 35.5 C/O & I/O
    Windsor: (RCMP) Ka 35.5 C/O & I/O

    North Carolina (thanks 379PETE, 9500ier, bart99gt, bcorby, cooljay, Jon_Doh, NiTrO bOiE, Orbital75, SIX, StlouisX50)

    Asheville: K, Ka, Lidar (Pro Laser III I believe) was just added by NCHP. NCHP also run a great deal of VASCAR and its clone, Tracker. X band is being phased out but you will still find it in use in smaller municipalities and a few state trooper's cars that use short range instant on.
    Banner Elk: K
    Blowing Rock: K
    Blue Ridge Parkway (National Park Service): K, Ka (Kustom Talon)
    Boone: K, Ka (Kustom Talon)
    Cabarrus County (Cabarrus County): K ( Golden Eagles ) Sheriff / City, KA ( STALKER dual ) City
    Cashiers: K
    Charlotte (Mecklenburg County): CMPD K only (not Ka) (updated 06/06/2009)
    Cherryville: X, K, Ka
    CMPD (Cabarrus County): KA ( STALKER dual / same lane / same direction RADAR )
    Dummies: On I-95 and I-40 there are many. I-95, x175, x145, x127. x93, and X193 in SC (I think this one is an alarm on K band). Those are just a few.
    Goldsboro: K, KA
    Macon County: K
    Maggie Valley: radar. Not sure what band
    Mt. Olive: K, KA
    NC State HP: X,K,KA front and rear (new) (very few X bands out there, but there surely is some)
    NCDOT (Merged with NCSHP two years ago: KA front & rear-- all new cars including Tahoes, labled "commercial enforcement")
    NCSHP: X, Ka 35.5 in cruisers, 34.7 on motorcycles, also using X-band K-55s as drones in construction sites, Laser ( Pro Laser III ) (updated 06/06/2009)
    Old Fort: K
    Raleigh: K, KA
    Shelby (Cleveland County): Ka
    Staunton: Laser (PL III)
    UNCC (Mecklenburg County): Ka 35.5 Front and Rear (updated 06/06/2009)
    Wilmington: (WPD, Sheriff, NCHP) -- Ka (65%), K (34%), X (1%) Confimed Laser gun Stalker LZ1. WPD only-- Stalker LZ1, Ka. UNC-Wilmington Campus police-- only constant on K band as of Dec. 2007.

    North Dakota (thanks yamaha1)

    Fargo (Cass County): Ka, K (updated 07/08/2009)
    State Highway Patrol: Ka, Lidar (updated 07/08/2009)

    Nova Scotia - Canada (thanks Aoshi, primehifi)

    Halifax & HRM: Laser and Ka
    Province Wide: Mostly X and K, some Ka, all constant on.
    RCMP: Ka constant
    Trans Canada Highway: (RCMP) Ka C/O

    Ohio (thanks arabgangsta, bearcat, djrams80, jtslmn720, Sethy, StlouisX50, TSi+WRX, ZPrime)

    Adams County: Instant On X,Instant On K, Ultralite Hwy 32
    Beavercreek: Laser, X
    Blue Ash (Hamilton County): Ka
    Brown County: Instant on X,Instant On K, Ultralite Hwy 32
    Centerville: Laser, KA
    Cincinnati: KA, K, Laser[Ultralyte]
    Clearcreek: KA, X, K, Laser
    Clermont County: Instant On Ka, Instant on X, Instant on K, PL III, Ultralite Hwy 32
    Cleveland - Beachwood: laser, Ka, K (updated 07/24/2009)
    Cleveland - Beachwood Township: Ka constant
    Cleveland - Bedford Heights: Ka, K, have yet to see laser here but they are very good at hiding with radar, using I/O, so travel behind a pack if you can (updated 07/24/2009)
    Cleveland - Highland Hills: K C/O and I/O, Laser (@ TriC campus--Richmond & Harvard), Ka C/O
    Cleveland - Lindale Township (off I-71): Ka constant
    Cleveland - Mayfield Village / Mayfield Heights: laser or Ka, very rarely some K (updated 07/24/2009)
    Cleveland - Orange Township: Ka C/O and I/O (35.5 and 34.7, 33.8 TOO), Laser; note that they'll typically have a K-band drone out for appx. one to two weeks before they selectively enforce that same stretch of roadway
    Cleveland - Shaker Heights: Ka, K C/O & I/O, Laser (LTI 20/20, possibly UL), please add "K I/O" to current threat list.
    Cleveland - Warrensville Heights: Ka
    Cleveland - Woodmere Village: Ka constant
    Cleveland (city): K, Ka, Laser
    Cleveland Heights: K CO, Ka IO, (possible) POP
    Copley: Laser
    Dayton: K, KA, X
    Fairborn: X, KA
    Fairview Park: Laser
    Grandview Heights: Laser [PLIII, LTI]
    Hamlton: K, KA
    Miamisburg: K, KA
    Middletown: K
    Moreland Hills: Laser, K I/O
    North Olmstead: Laser
    Parma: Ka constant
    Richfield/Bath: K, Ka (BEE III, possible POP), Laser[Stalker]
    Rocky River: Laser
    Russell: Laser
    Springboro: K, KA
    Springdale: Laser
    State Highway Patrol: X, K, Ka, Laser (a full house!)
    Strongsville: K Band, Laser, and the two chargers have Ka band. (updated 07/14/2009)
    Washington Township: Laser
    Westlake: Laser
    Williams County: Laser
    Winchester: As soon as you hit the boarder of Adams they use Instant On K from a small town on 32 Hwy

    Oklahoma (thanks bart99gt, Cracker187, decemb3r, StlouisX50)

    Chickasha (Grady County): K (updated 06/28/2009)
    Choctaw: Laser
    Lawton: K, Ka, Laser (PL III)
    Norman: Ka, K. Haven't seen X band yet.
    OHP(OK Highway Patrol): Ka-constant
    OK Highway Patrol: Ka I/O. Few K band.
    Oklahoma City: K, Ka, Stalker DSR 2x (2 Ka bogeys) (updated 05/31/2009)
    Shawnee: Ka, POP (updated 07/23/2009)
    Tulsa: Laser (PL III)
    Warr Acres: K (updated 07/23/2009)

    Ontario - Canada (thanks Aoshi, doddy37, spider007)

    Brampton: Peel Regional Police: Ka & laser
    Durham Region: Ka & Laser, though one of the unmarked cruisers based in Pickering still has a K-Band unit.
    Napanee: (OPP) K Band I/O
    Windsor: Ka, K

    Oregon (thanks djrams80, Freebird, StlouisX50, Venusian_Artist)

    Ashland: Laser
    Highway patrol: X, K, Laser from bridge overpasses., 33.8 Ka, I/O X
    Marion County: Laser (LTI 20/20)
    Redmond: Laser
    Stayton: Laser
    Waldport: Laser

    Pennsylvania (thanks ActiveKAjam, Maestro, RFdoc, StlouisX50)

    Avis: ENRADD
    Doylestown: ENRADD
    Dunnstable: ENRADD
    Local Agencies: Vascar, ESP, ENRADD, pacing (certified speedometer in crusier), and other non-radar-based systems as allowed in the PA vehicle code.
    New Castle: ENRADD
    North Huntingdon: ENRADD
    North Strabrane: ENRADD
    Oil City: ENRADD
    Park Police: The park police I've seen had KR-10's.
    Philadelphia: LTI Ultralyte (updated 07/03/2009)
    Pine Creek: ENRADD
    Pittsburgh: ENRADD
    South Avis: ENRADD
    South Lebanon: Enradd
    State Police: Radar can only be used by State Police in Pennsylvania, and only in stationary mode. They use: Kustom Falcon (handheld K-band), Kustom KR-10/KR-SP/HAWK (two-piece K-band, antenna mounted to side window on exterior of cruiser), Decatur Genesis (handheld K-band), aircraft patrols
    Warrington: ENRADD

    Quebec - Canada (thanks Aoshi)

    Highway 185: (QPP) Laser Atlanta and Ka C/O
    Highway 20: (QPP) Laser Atlanta, and a very strong, very short blast of X-Band in the middle of nowhere near Quebec City.. no towers in sight... I did not see a cruiser but that doesn't surprise me up there... lots of woods to hide in.

    Rhode Island (thanks , cincyreds, RadarKid)

    Central Falls: K, Ka
    Cumberland: K, Ka
    Lincoln: K, Ka
    Middletown: K (Chargers, Crown Vics), Ka in new Chargers
    Newport: NUWC/Naval Station SUV uses K
    Pawtucket: K, Ka
    Providence: K, Ka
    South Kingston: K band (dual antennas)
    State Trooper: Crown Vic = Ka
    Tiverton: K (Chargers, Crown Vics)
    Warwick: K, Ka
    Woonsocket: K, Ka

    South Carolina (thanks , ActiveKAjam, bcorby, dodgesrt4driver, RoadCourseRacer, StlouisX50)

    Beaufort: Kustom Golden Eagle & Kustom Eagle 35.5 KA, Stalker ATR 34.7 & 34.646 KA, Kustom Falcon K band, Laser, Pro-Laser 3
    Columbia: Highway I20 C/O K band
    County Deputy (Horry County): Ka & K
    Greenville: X, K, Ka, and laser
    Hardeeville: Ka C/O + I/O (updated 07/03/2009)
    Jasper County: Pro Laser 3's, K band (updated 07/03/2009)
    Lexington: C/O and I/O X band
    Mount Pleasant: Lidar
    Myrtle Beach (Horry County): Ka & K
    Port Royal: Laser
    Ridgeland: Laser
    Surfside Beach (Horry County): Ka
    Walterboro: Moving I/O K band
    Yemassee: C/O and I/O K Band

    South Dakota (thanks Governator, StlouisX50)

    Rapid City (Pennington County): Portable Speed Trailers in K-Band, K, Ka (34.7 & 35.5 ), Laser (PL III) (updated 07/11/2009)
    Sheriff (Pennington County): K, Ka (34.7 & 35.5 ), Laser (PL III) (updated 07/11/2009)
    Soiux Falls: Laser (Pro-Lite)

    Tennessee (thanks 00ebpsi, ancientintegra, bart99gt, blain7, bradthemad, Clay_in_Nashville, godsmack, lennyo3034, MattN03, mlyon83, proudNMAmember, StlouisX50, Ven0mizer)

    Alcoa: Laser
    Anderson Co.: K, 35.5 ka
    Bartlett: K
    Belle Meade: K, reputable speed trap city, tickets given for 3 over PSL
    Brentwood: 34.7 Stalker Ka, LTi Ultralyte Laser confirmed. (updated 05/27/2009)
    Chattanooga: PHOTO RADAR (Vans) and 4 Stationary Enforcement Cameras- (Hixson Pike S Curves), K, Ka, now 1 X band spotted on Hwy 153
    Clarksville: K/Ka/Laser(uncommon)
    Collierville: K
    County Sheriff (Sumner County): Constant on K, Instant on Ka
    Franklin: K (updated 05/27/2009)
    Gallatin (Sumner County): One Constant on X band unit stationary and moving in an OLD unmarked White Crown Vic(Seen this guy in both Hendersonville AND gallatin patrolling vietnam vets, and also patrolling streets in Gallatin), Constant and Instant on moving/stationary K Band, Constant and Instant on moving/stationary Ka Band(By the Charger units, 33.8Ghz and the random sheriff cars at all times of the day), and once in a blue moon, like hendersonville, laser, and it can be anywhere.
    Hendersonville (Sumner County): Constant On Moving/Stationary X band, Constant/Instant on Moving/stationary K band, constant/instant on moving/stationary Ka, instant on Ka band by sheriff cars patrolling late at night(rare, but it does happen), laser(RARELY)....this town uses C/O 90% of the time...and when they use IO, they target EVERYONE that goes by them...they would probably clock a squirrel running by....good for us Wink
    Knoxville: laser, K, 34.7 ka
    Loudon County: Sheriff uses X band.
    Memphis - (Shelby County): K, Laser
    Metro: laser, k, ka
    Nashville: Pro Laser 3 (updated 07/08/2009)
    Nashville Metro: Ka 34.7 I/O, Laser (PL3), Ka (35.5 GHz). Laser is main threat, radar is less common. (updated 05/27/2009)
    Oak Ridge: C/O Ka-band
    Rutherford County: ka, k
    Sheriff (Williamson County): K (updated 05/27/2009)
    State troopers: Laser, K, Ka

    Texas (thanks An0nym0us, BLUEPOLE, bobbyd, Cracker187, dbolhuis, DeliveryGuy09, djrams80_2, duality, elblako, erikonphoenix, evan, f_399, Ghost917, GŁero, hookem202, hppck21, keyframe, Loiosh, Lucky225, magamaga, nomoretkts, Ovencleaner, quickcummins, qwicksilver, RR, ryansandlin, Sarge, snoopyc4, speed-demon, Stealth Stalker, StlouisX50, Superman, SuperSalad, texas jammer, wkopplin, Won Hunglo, xihua)

    Allen: KA
    Arlington (Tarrant County): PL III, Stalker, LTI Ultralyte, LTI Marksman
    Austin: K,Ka,laser, Pro Lite Laser gun. Sighted 3 of them using it in the last 2 weeks., Ultralyte LR-B (updated 06/13/2009)
    Balch Springs: Laser
    Beaumont: K, Ka, Laser
    Belton: K
    Benbrook: Laser, Ka and K band (on charger patrol units)
    Bexar County Sheriff (Bexar County): 34.7 KA, 35.5 KA, K
    Blanco (Comal County): X band
    Blanco County: K
    Boerne (Kendall County): K and Ka
    Brazoria County: K, Ka
    Brenham: Laser
    Brownsboro (Henderson County): Ka
    Buffalo: Ka
    Bullard (Smith County): Ka
    Burnet County: *X*, K
    Carrollton: Ka
    Centerville: Ka
    Chambers County: K, Ka
    Chandler (Henderson County): K I/O
    Cibolo: Ka
    Clear Lake Shores: K
    College Station: Ka band, laser (updated 07/18/2009)
    Comal County: K
    Dallas: on loop 12 between I20 and I30 Sheriff department is running speed trap using Laser, and Radar. (updated 07/27/2009)
    Dallas/Fort Worth: K, Ka, Laser, Pacing
    Diboll: Ka
    DPS: K, Ka (34.7) I/O, laser, I/O Ka 34.7 (updated 06/25/2009)
    El Lago: K
    Ellis County Sheriff: K-band
    Ennis (Ellis County): K (updated 07/16/2009)
    Fairview: KA
    Flower Mound (Denton County): Ka (HEAVY SELECTIVE I/O), Laser (stalker lz-1), K band (expeditions only)
    Fort Worth (Tarrant County): Ka band, LTI Ultralyte, LTI Marksman
    Frisco: Laser and KA
    Galveston: LTI Laser
    Galveston County: K, Ka, Laser
    Garden Ridge: Ka
    Grand Prairie: LTI Ultralyte, LTI Marksman
    Grapevine (Denton County): K (in Tahoe's), Ka (cars), laser(have only seen on motorcycles)
    Harris County: K, Ka, Laser, LTI Ultralyte
    Hays County: Laser, K, Ka
    Henderson (Rusk County): Ka
    Hill Country Village (San Antonio): K
    Horseshoe Bay (Burnet County): K
    Houston: Laser (PL3 and Ultralyte) (updated 06/04/2009)
    Houston HPD: K, Laser (PL3), possible POP, X too!
    Huntsville: Ka-band,K-band,PLIII, and MPH Z35 POP gun.
    Irving/Dallas: K, Ka, Laser, POP
    Jacksonville (Cherokee County): Ka, K
    Jefferson County Sheriff: K, Ka
    Jewitt: K
    Johnson City: K
    Katy: Ka band 34.7 and 35.5
    Kemah: K
    Killeen: K, KA
    La Grange: Laser
    Lakeview: K
    LaPorte: K
    League City: K
    Lewisville (Denton County): Ka
    Llano: K
    Longview (Greg County): Ka
    Lorena (Bell County): Laser (Stalker LZ-1) (updated 06/13/2009)
    Lubbock: K, Laser (Ultralytes), Laser Atlanta
    Lufkin: K,KA, Laser (Ultralyte)
    Mansfield (Tarrant County): K-Band (Kustom Talon)
    Marble Falls Police (Burnet County): K
    Marshall: K
    McKinney: KA
    McLennan County: K, Ka
    Midland (Midland County): C/O Ka 34.7 & C/O K (updated 07/27/2009)
    Montgomery County: Laser
    Mt. Enterprise (Rusk County): Ka
    Nacogdoches: Ka, K
    New Braunfels: K, Ka, Laser
    Odessa (Ector County): C/O Ka 34.7 (updated 07/27/2009)
    Paris: Ka
    Pasadena: K
    plainview: K
    Plano: Ka band 34.7 and Laser (Ultralyte) (updated 06/03/2009)
    Richardson: Ka band and Laser (Ultralyte 20/20s)
    Rosenberg: Ka (33.8), K, X
    Rusk (Cherokee County): Ka
    San Antonio: 33.8 KA, 34.7 KA, 35.5 KA, K, Laser, Bexar County Police Precinct 3 KA 34.7, Laser (updated 06/11/2009)
    Schertz: Ka
    Seabrook: K
    Sealy: I/O Ka, laser (ultralyte) (updated 06/25/2009)
    Selma: Ka
    Shenandoah: Laser
    Sheriff (Tarrant County): K band (updated 06/13/2009)
    Sheriff (Cherokee County): Ka (updated 06/22/2009)
    Sheriff (Smith County): Ka, K (updated 06/22/2009)
    Sherman: Ka
    Shertz: K,Ka, laser
    Stafford: K (updated 06/24/2009)
    Sugar Land: Ka (34.7, 33.8), laser (Ultralyte) (updated 06/24/2009)
    Texas DPS: Ka, Laser
    Tyler: K (On & Off Constant On Radar Guns often, Be Careful), laser on motorcycles only
    Universal City: K
    Waco: K, Ka, laser
    Waller County: Ka band (updated 07/18/2009)
    Webster: K, Ka, Laser (PL3)
    Wells (Cherokee County): Ka
    Whitehouse (Smith County): Ka, K
    Whitesboro: KA, K

    Utah (thanks Freebird, penning10, Stilldrivin, StlouisX50)

    Bountiful: Ka, K
    Cedar Hills: Laser
    Centerville: KA, K
    Highway Patrol: Laser, Ka (I/O mostly)
    Iron County: Laser
    Ogden: Laser, KA, K band
    Park City: Ka, K (not X) (updated 07/16/2009)
    Roy: Laser, KA
    Salt Lake City: Laser, Ka, K
    Taylorsville: Laser
    Tremonton: Laser

    Vermont (thanks ancientintegra, hockey005, JohnGalt, kw79, StlouisX50, yemntftb)

    Barre: Ka
    Hartford: Laser
    I-91: Brattleboro area, Laser, Ka (updated 06/29/2009)
    Mendon: Laser, K
    Milton: K (Kustom Pro-1000)
    Rutland (Rutland County): Ka
    State (Rutland County): Ka, K
    state police: laser
    Whimington: K, Ka (speed warning sign is K, but they hide behind the sign with K going too, so unless you have a V1 and can count the bogies or want to fight it in court with the double signal interfering, slow down for the sign!) (updated 06/29/2009)
    Windsor County Sheriff (WindsorCounty Sheriff County): KA
    Woodstock: K

    Virginia (thanks asianfire, cdnm49, hotkiss, langtubip, manganos, RR, StlouisX50, Virion, YTCD)

    Alexandria: K
    Chesterfield: K, Ka, Laser = prolaser 3
    Culpeper: Ka, Laser
    Culpeper County: Laser
    Dinwiddie Sheriff: K and just got Ka Golden Kustom
    Fairfax: Predominantly PL3 laser; some Ka hand helds
    Fairfax County: Laser, Ka 35.5 c/o
    Fauquier: K-band (county Sheriff dept.); front and rear fixed mount (Kustom)
    Gloucester County: Ka & K, No X
    Henico: K, Ka, Laser (Mostly K used by county) laser = prolaser 3
    Loudoun County: Laser, K, Ka
    Newport News: K-band (front only); HR-10 front mounted on dash (hand held)
    Newport News County: Ka & K (Very little X)
    NOVA: Laser, K, 35.5 Ka
    Powhatan: K, Ka (mostly Ka used by state and county)
    Prince William: Ka ; possibly still some K-band not phased out yet
    Round Hill: Laser
    Vienna City: Ka 35.5 c/o
    VSP: Laser, Also prone to Ka (Kustom Golden Eagle), Ka
    York County: Ka & K, No X

    Washington (thanks bigmack, djrams80, Explorer_Vincent, Jabomb9, jsillars, LittleOverPSL, StlouisX50, Tsax444)

    Bellingham: K Ka, Laser, possible X in Blaine area
    Camas: K band (C/O, one instance of I/O), ProLaser 3
    Clark County Sheriff: C/O K band
    Ferndale: X
    Grant County: Laser
    Kittitas County: Laser
    Lacey: Laser
    Longview (Cowlitz County): K
    Lynnwood: Laser, KA
    Monroe: Laser
    Mukilteo: Laser, Ka
    Olympia: K I/O, Laser
    Redmond: Ka, Laser
    Seattle: Laser
    Selah: Laser
    Snohomish County Sheriff: Laser, Ka
    Thurston County Sheriff: C/O K
    Washougal: Ka 35.5 (C/O, haven't seen I/O, used to use K (haven't seen it in awhile)
    WSP: Laser (PL III, LTI Marksman)

    Washington DC (thanks ActiveKAjam)

    Washington DC: Stalker 34.7 Ka band (updated 07/03/2009)

    Washington DC (District of Columbia) (thanks toymaker)

    DC: K band including drones, Ka band Photo radar, fixed and mobile

    West Virginia (thanks Edwv30, Freebird, Myriad)

    Benwood (Marshall County): K Band C/O (updated 07/27/2009)
    State Police: K band constant
    Wheeling (Ohio County): Ka 35.5, Laser (updated 07/27/2009)

    Wisconsin (thanks cyberblob, escort_guy15, joegibs, Mackid343, ND4SPD, pinoyem1, Spinner55, SpottedCow, StlouisX50, thinkcrawley)

    Altoona: K, Laser
    Baraboo (Sauk County): Ka, K
    Boyceville: K (Decatur Genesis II 24.150Mhz)
    Brookfield (City): traditional looking cars mostly. Laser (LTI and possibly Stalker), Ka band (constant, moving) and k band (constant, moving)
    Brookfield (Town): dark blue cars, Laser (Ultralyte), ka band (moving, instant on), k band (once in a while, instant and constant on)
    Columbia County: Laser
    Dane County Sheriff: Lidar and K band Eagle
    Deerfield: Laser
    Eau Claire: K, Ka, Laser
    Eau Claire County: K, Laser
    Elm Grove: K (constant, moving), Laser
    Franklin: Laser (unconfirmed)
    Green Co Sheriff: Ka
    Greendale: K (constant, moving)
    Heartland: K (instant)
    Janesville: K
    Kenosha County: Laser (Ultralite I think)
    LaCrosse: K
    Madison (Dane County): K, Ka, Ultralyte. They also do pacing on the 12/18 "Beltline Highway". On Packers Avenue HWY113 there are often LIDAR equipped officers sitting in lawn chairs., Ka, Ultralyte (updated 07/22/2009)
    Milwaukee: Laser (LTI)
    Milwaukee county freeway system: Laser (PL III & Ultralyte), K mostly instant
    Oshkosh: Laser (LTI)
    Pewaukee: Laser, K
    Port Washington: Laser
    Racine County: Laser
    Racine County Sheriffs: Laser (Ultralyte)
    Slinger: Laser
    State Patrol: Driving through on I94 trooper was using I/O K
    State Troopers: Laser (LTI, PL3, possibly Stalker), Ka
    Stevens Point: K, Laser
    Union Grove: K band, Laser
    Verona: Kustom Golden Eagle Ka and Ultralyte
    Vilas County: Laser
    Waukesha: Ka
    Waukesha County Freeways: Laser (Stalker)(may shoot from the rear too), K (moving instant/constant)
    Waukesha county sheriffs: laser and and instant K
    Wauwatosa: K (constant), Laser

    Wyoming (thanks djrams80, Freebird, StlouisX50)

    Casper: 34.7 Ka and Ultralyte Laser
    Highway patrol: 34.7 Ka
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    When submitting new entries or updates, please try to use this format:


    County (if applicable) - include the word "County" at the end so my parser can detect it

    Town: band info
    Town: band info

    Repeat as needed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Example

    Widget County

    Sillytown: K, Ka, Laser
    Goofytown: X, Ka
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

    Active Countermeasures: V1 3.858, Escort Redline, Beltronics STi-R+, LI Dual 7.1x CPU/8.7 Heads (front)
    Other/Backup Countermeasures: V1 3.813 (loaned to friend), Beltronics Pro RX65 M4 6.3
    Vehicle: 2002 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro
    LEO Toys: Kustom Pro Laser II & III
    Encounters/Saves August 2011: Radar 3/1, Laser 0/0

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    Default Re: Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09

    Sticky updated as of 8/6/09.

    I changed it so county (if it's in the database) is listed beside the city, the list is no longer broken down by county.
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

    Active Countermeasures: V1 3.858, Escort Redline, Beltronics STi-R+, LI Dual 7.1x CPU/8.7 Heads (front)
    Other/Backup Countermeasures: V1 3.813 (loaned to friend), Beltronics Pro RX65 M4 6.3
    Vehicle: 2002 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro
    LEO Toys: Kustom Pro Laser II & III
    Encounters/Saves August 2011: Radar 3/1, Laser 0/0

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    A Town in Canada full of LEOs shooting I/O all day long :(

    Default Re: Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09

    awesome . Just a heads up that you have two sections for British Columbia - Canada and you might want to combine them.

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    Default Re: Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09

    Wall township (Monmouth County): X, K, Ka, Laser, I/O
    Laser can be removed.

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    Default Re: Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09


    Essex County

    Tappahannock: Ka band (C/O) (my first encounter since receiving my STi.)
    Tappahannock: State Troopers always at Bray's Fork coming into town shooting laser up the hill.

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    Default Re: Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09

    Weld County

    Sheriff-34.7 Ka
    Greeley-Confirmed LIDAR(mostly motorcycles)

    Boulder County

    Lafayette-35.5 Ka (and a very STRONG LIDAR warning)
    Sheriff- Ka
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    A Town in Canada full of LEOs shooting I/O all day long :(

    Default Re: Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09

    British Columbia - Canada

    Burnaby: Ka band (35.506) in unmarked cars.
    North Vancouver: Ka band (35.506)

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    Default Re: Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09

    Couple things I want to add:

    Mexico (Yes, Mexico)

    Federales (Blue Chargers - PIC)

    I/O K band

    Midland County - Absolutely no laser seen from local PD in 4 years living here

    Ector County (Odessa, TX) - Absolutely no laser seen from local PD in 4 years living here

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    Default Re: Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09

    Just ran into a Louisiana State Trooper running KA 35.5 today in Covington. I was under the impression that they only ran 34.7. My ix picked it up and just to verify, I went back and ran my X50 and sure enough it is 35.5!

    He was running in Chevy Tahoe. May want to add to the list.



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