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    I just got a Uniden R1. I have passed several Ohio State Highway Patrol on I-70 and I-71 sitting in the median strip. No Alert. I assume they are tracking speed with Radar. Why no alert? I have X, K and Ka band active. I know that it's possible they do not have active radar but I would think I would at least get an alert once in a while. Perhaps it's because they are using some form of "Instant On"???

    I use WAZE as well. It helps a lot.

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    It's a false flag Bo. In Ohio, the Buckeye state, troopers often just chat two at a time in the u-turn. It's simply to show a presence to slow traffic, while doing nothing more than shooting bull. I see it frequently on I75 and I71. Cop visibility is a form of law enforcement mate.




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