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    Default Updating Rdier M27

    Can someone give us a rundown on how to update the Rider M27 CPU.
    What options do we choose
    Constant Jamming
    No start up noise
    Leave reverse parking values as it


    Also with the wiring can a copy of it be emailed to me as my vizalert is not working and im thinking a wire must be loose or something..


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    Default Re: Updating Rdier M27

    Set it to constant jamming and uncheck the startup box. if you leave the box checked thenvizalert will flash for 2 min. if you need a copy of vizalert and m27 go to the cheetah vizlert webpage, they have the diagram and the write up. Mine works like a charm.

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    Default Re: Updating Rdier M27

    Thanks man, when i opened the box two wires were off, black and red ones, crappy solder .. ill take a pic but i would really appreciate it if someone can take a pic of theirs and confirm i soldered the wires on the right way. Cheers !

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    Default Re: Updating Rdier M27

    No, if i remember correctly leave those two wires alone. those are for your parking sensor and you wont need it on the bike. take a pic and send it to me or post it and i tell you. Mine had the two wires loose as well and i just out a electric type on it and done with it.



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