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    Default Escort and J&M CB

    I am currently using a V1 but will be replacing it with a Escort Max 2 when I get my new Max 360. Does anyone know how to get the sound to a J&M CB. I currently use a V1 cord and it works properly.
    The Max 2 will be mounted on a shelf with a waterproof housing.

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    I have found out that the original J&M interface was defective, I purchased a new one and it is working properly.

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    Default Re: Escort and J&M CB

    Wow, you have a lot of stuff installed on your bike!
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    It is not as bad as it looks. The box with the red and yellow knobs is for heated clothing. The Sony camera with its viewer under the shelf. The V1 has been replaced with a MAX2. Last but not least is a SPOT3. This bike is used for long distance riding and Iron Butt rides.



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