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    Default Radar Record No 11.0 2005

    Quote Originally Posted by
    June 2005.
    Watch this space!
    US invites OZ GURU to Speed Labs Inc Radar tests.
    Watch for some very HOT news from Speed Labs in the next couple of weeks. By invitation, Radar Team Australia has arrived in Texas!

    June 2005.
    A History Lesson.
    And as we know, history has a habit of repeating itself, if we do not learn from past events.
    An important link!

    May 2005.
    RDD Update.
    All the very latest U.S detectors are still detectable by Detector Detectors used in OZ up to 600 mtrs away.
    Don't hold you breath for US stealth unit. Possibly 2007??? BEL recently announced in the US, that there would be no new detector technology for 2006 and that the current Spectre/Stalker, Detectable technology ( BEL and Escort ) would prevail for some years.

    The importers, now in 3 states, are scammers that rely heavily on self embellishment. One importer and well known nutter, is legend in his own mind. Still recovering from being prosecuted, and bankrupted, for past false and misleading statements. The recovery process seems to have left him missing a few roos in the top paddock.
    Another "new" operator, in business for just 12 months is offering and selling standard US detectors, re-labelled to imply that they are better or have been improved for local radar in some technical way.??
    These smooth talkers, are dedicated to creating colourful web sites, designed to confuse the uninformed. The whole objective here, is to sell you a standard US Detectable import.!

    One QLD company is saying that there are only 2 or 3 RDD's in use. Then ZAP, a week after you buy the import, it's taken!
    Yet another high profile promoter of U.S imports, with little real technical ability, (and ZERO testing facilities ) goes to great effort to denigrate every other company and authority in the radar and RDD industry world wide. How can it be, that the rest of the world has it so wrong??
    Do your homework, ring around, you won't find the critical facts broadcast over the public domain...

    ...All we see planned by the US makers in the future, are revamped examples of old technology. (BEL ,Valentine Escort)
    The very latest BEL RX and XR range of detectors still use the outdated internals (Hardware) of their 1989 model BEL966ST, and now the X50 Escort shares the same old internals...

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    This is from a competitor of Roy's, needless to say, they don't see eye to eye..
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