Email Speeding Ticket Warning A Hoax
Jan 30, 2006, 09:02 PM

(KHNL) Honolulu police say an e-mail claiming a "speeding ticket frenzy" by officers in February is not true.

The e-mail was passed around to thousands of drivers on Oahu, with mixed reactions.

"I sent it to my friends, and I sent it to my husband," said Lynn Turner. "I just sent it to people who I thought were speeders."

"I totally didn't believe it," said Van Whiteman. "I thought it was ridiculous."

But some said it looked believable.

The e-mail said for 30 days, officers would patrol 9 main thoroughfares, citing anyone going as little as 5 miles over the speed limit.

It said the frenzy was to raise money to help pay for police overtime.

"At first I believed it," said Jim Turner, who received the e-mail from his wife. "The thing that bothered me was the city and county would do 30 new cruisers for only 30 days."

Honolulu police say the story is an "urban legend" that started last May in New Jersey.

In a statement, the department said it does not initiate large scale enforcement campaigns without informing the public, does not have citation quotas, and does not get money from the tickets.

The department also says it it does not have "unmarked cruisers" or part-time officers, like the e-mail states.

"Don't believe everything you get on email because probably more than half of it is not true," said Whiteman.

"Wasn't horrible and it made sense," said Lynn Turner. "And if it stops people from speeding, hey that's a good deal."

HPD says it will continue to patrol the roads for speeders like it normally does.