Hey everybody. I was looking to get everybody's take on camera enforcement tech countermeasures like sprays/gels and license plate covers.
I'm specifically trying to avoid speed cameras of unknown functionality (either infrared or photo), but am looking to come up with an overall strategy to avoid them and red light cameras too hopefully.
I like my privacy and don't want to get a ticket just for either keeping up with traffic, momentarily speeding up to pass someone, or accidentally crossing the red light stop line a little further than normal.

So far, the best strategy I can think of is coating the plates in both an infrared absorbing substance and reflecting substance in layers, along with getting a refracting license plate cover to block visuals at an angle
The only downside i can think of is the refracting cover may stick out to cops if they catch it at an angle and I get pulled over for it.
I'm avoiding a tinted plate cover because that to me seems like it would stick out more to a cop than just a clear one.

The substance for infrared absorption i'm thinking of is Veil G6, and the reflecting substance either Rust-Oleum Specialty Reflective Spray or "PhotoBlocker" from PhantomPlate
For the refracting cover, either any clear options on ebay, or the Reflector Cover from PhantomPlate

Has anybody had any experience with any of these products or tried this kind of project? I'd be interested in any results to see if anything like this would work.