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    Default Trying out Waze - Smartphone application

    I found this app mentioned on another thread, and thought I'd take a look at it. It fills the same role as Trapster, but also reports slow traffic movement without any intention from the operator. I have been looking for something like this since Trapster has never really been stable on my Android phone.

    If you'd like to check out the website, simply follow the link. It is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia (I don't exactly understand the Nokia)

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    Default Re: Trying out Waze - Smartphone application

    Gee, you found out about it three days ahead of me. I found out thru the USA Today article on Escort Live. Hafta try it out.

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    Default Re: Trying out Waze - Smartphone application

    Brand new to the board have a V1 that I have had like 15 years (or so) and now I'm using Waze (just bought a windshield mount for my iPhone) I have to say Waze has been amazing first it's NOT tied to one brand or even RD users. You can even tell the app that the cop is no longer at the indicated location so the data is always good. I don't work for them but so far I love it. You can actually see other users around you, one guy dipped his headlights as I drove by which was a little freaky. I'd love to hear if others are finding it useful. It's like twitter for the road...

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    Default Re: Trying out Waze - Smartphone application

    Awesome app, there is not only the ''cop spotted'' feature it also has a pretty good traffic system where it pings your car, does an average of the speed on the highway you are on and shows the speed to the other users.

    i.e. If the limit is 60 mph, you enter a ''heavy traffic'' pin. It will take your average speed (lets say 30 mph) and display it on the system.

    And like Elvis said, when approaching a ''cop spotted'' it will ask you if he is still there. If you select no, it will disappear. There is also a point system.

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    Default Re: Trying out Waze - Smartphone application

    I see it as just another "cockpit tool" I'm still tweaking it but you can do things like turn off the "road goodies" or whatever the hell they call the things you are awarded points for driving over. I turn on the Nav (which seems so-so) and then mute it in the options the cool part is the alerts "object in road" etc still get announced. I think you can turn off NAV altogether and it still shows/tells you about stuff you're coming up on. I was using Trapster but I think over time more regular folks may go with a "non-speeding app" it also might fly under the app police "radar" (pun intended) unlike say the DUI app which got pulled pretty fast. The fact that it's a Nav app at heart will help those of us who are using it for other uses. ; ) I'm sticking it right by the A pillar where it's gonna be in my line of sight. Cops see it np it's I'm using it as GPS...

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    Default Re: Trying out Waze - Smartphone application

    I just started using Waze this week and I'm liking it more than Trapster, mainly for the realtime traffic updates and ability to see others on the road using it.

    I'm looking forward to using this with Escort Live in the background on my Android once that hardware kit gets released...

    Would anyone else be interested in creating a group on Waze?

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    Default Re: Trying out Waze - Smartphone application

    I have been using waze for a year or so, it has gotten a lot better since more users have been using it. you do not have to be navigating for the audio alerts to come up, I have mine tied into my car for pandora and when an alert is ahead it ducks the volume of pandora and announces the alert then brings the volume back up. I love it.. only thing is you occasionally run into someone who has marked a moving cop (rolls eyes) usually pretty good though.. I have a mount for my phone by my gps(running trapster and redlight alerts) I can glance over at it looking for icons ahead about 7 miles, then when my detector blips I see it as a double confirmation.



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