Had an issue on the PA turnpike yesterday that I have to rant about, We were driving near the Lancaster Lebanon exit and according to Waze another user was about 2 miles in front of me. Suddenly a get a K-band hit on the trusty 995 and I slow down and glance at waze expecting to see a marked police radar trap, but there is nothing. The guy in front of me has not marked it, so I just begin thinking that its a false when the ramp up starts increasing then stops, being careful I stay at the PSL as I round a slight bend BANG full alert. There he sits not trying to hide or anything right on the side of the road I/Oing everyone who goes by. The guy in front of me could not have missed him. What good is that guy doing by not alerting everyone else. I pinged him and told him he should have marked the police but he didn't respond. If you aren't going to participate then don't use the system. You are just being a parasite. We have alot of Waze users in this area and the system would be extremely effective if it weren't for people like him. Just my opinion