In the county I live in, the local police has gone to a system where there is camera's mounted to the patrol car and they sit in the median strip in the middle of town and read license plates.

It has gotten to the point of where they have camera's all over town that reads the license plates - the gas stations are involved, and they get a message in the car when they find a violator they are looking for.

The state police has gotten to the point of where they do not sit along the road much anymore with a radar gun, but on the interstate they have cameras that reads your license plate, can time the vehicle at that point, can time the vehicle between two points, alerts the patrolman or barracks that you are in the area speeding.

A month ago I took a short 70 mi trip. I have an old truck that I want to sell and I decided to see how fast it would go. I went past one of the camera's doing 100 mph and a hour later when I came back there was a patrolman sitting in that spot waiting for me to repeat my previous trip.

AI - has taken over the police business.