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    Cool Radenso - New King of off axis radar detection

    Just recently a honorable member of another forum took out his Radenso Pro, V1, Escort Passport and Escort Redline to perform a unique test. The test was designed to measure off-axis performance on Ka 34.7 Ghz.

    The image below is a snapshot of the overhead Google map with annotations. The angles are as close as could be estimated. The Radesno Pro was without doubt the clear winner of this test and I'm excited to share it with you.

    Radenso Off axis comparison_resized.jpg

    But before the Escort Redline fanboys come out and scream "Foul" there is also some good news for you. The Escort Redline is (still) King when it comes to straight online detection performance. But Escort shouldn't rest on their laurels, we are working on the "King Slayer"
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    Default Re: Radenso - New King of off axis radar detection

    It's all about the Horn design & aperture opening. Size matters & I bet yours is "bigger" than their's.
    Of course in Engineering you never get something for nothing, it would likely make you more prone to picking up those pesky false radars like door openers in malls,etc.
    Now you have to devote more effort into filtering them out b/c of your increased off-axis detection.
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    Default Re: Radenso - New King of off axis radar detection

    I had a great alert on our Radenso during testing of an constant on encounter. The dash cam recorded it however the sun washed out the display
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    @hugel66...cant wait for the SE And remote, will have to get one of each for some testing. Have great testing areas here with miles of flat roads, and tough winding mountain roads. Will test against all the current top detectors.
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    Default Re: Radenso - New King of off axis radar detection

    This is a great little radar detector and I have owned many detectors in the past fifty years...most of them junk. On our recent trip over 300 miles one way, we were in flat country and then into the mountain areas of Alabama. My wife had given me a hard time on the price I paid until the detector went off and it was a long way before we spotted the patrol car coming toward us. Same thing on the return trip. She finally admitted that this was a great buy and worth the money. In small towns I did pick up a couple of false K band readings from shopping malls, but best of all, we got an X band signal in a small town, and passed the police car using the band at the one and only 4 way stop a mile down the road. False reading were zero when Ka was put on narrow band. I'm still experimenting with the settings, but I am very pleased with the range and performance of this unit.

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    Default Re: Radenso - New King of off axis radar detection

    My next detector I add to the arsenal will be the Radenso Pro SE. Very exited to see it in action with the off axis detection.

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