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Thread: Just an update.

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    Default Just an update.

    Although I run 3 Uniden R3's, I do occasionally swap out with the Radenso Se's and find them still a great detector and very reliable. Most of all, the update on firmware is a lot better the Uniden. You plug a Radenso in and it is recognized and off you go to a quick update. With a uniden, it can get complicated and frustrating. On the last update, I kept struggling on wny after I had downloaded the firmware update from Uniden, I could not get the data from the computer into the detector because it would not recognized. Finally, someone told me I had to unplug the DC power cord and let the usb cable from the computer do the download....this, after a 5 hour struggle. The instructions should be more definate on the Uniden side. I would offer that maybe they need to look at how Radenso does it.

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    I think I posted that the newest firmware update to radenso is 21 as of july for the SE,
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