After several months of running both, (3 Radenso Se's and 3 Uniden R3's in different cars on different trips), I have to say you can't go wrong with either detector. The Uniden R3 has a definate advantage in range, but the Radenso has a great range also. I realize there are new detectors coming on the market, and I qualify my statement with the admission that I have not run Escorts, or Valentines, or other detectors, and I freely admit I am not a technical person. I do find that there are some guidelines a person asking 'which detector should I buy'? Which is like asking which car should I buy.

First remember the tried and true rule of buying: You get what you pay for. I don't care what that $200 detector promises, it's not going to deliver like the higher priced detectors can.

Second, read everything you can, especially negative comments , and go on YOU TUBE and see what some of the independent evaluators have to say. I get a little suspicious when I read lead in advertisement saying "Top Five or Ten Detectors' for this year....and you see no mention of Escorts, Radenso, , Uniden, Valentine, and you got to wonder why they are pushing detectors you can buy at retail chain electronic or department stores. I like YOU TUBE videos that show an in depth performance, a discussion of the likes and dislikes, and some evidence of how the unit operates in driving coditions.

And last, I would warn be very wary of who you buy from. There are fakes out there on the market, and individuals advertising, some of whom have that sentance of 'NO RETURNS' at the bottom. You can't go wrong with established dealers who stand by their sales and products. My favorite is Radar Busters..but that is just me.