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    Re: Phantom alert? or trapster?

    On trapster, locations where cops commonly sit, or could easily hide, are generally marked. In my experience, Waze only tells you if a cop has actually been spotted by another user recently, since...
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    Re: Warning Ohio!

    Sad day indeed. The "unmarked" blacked out chargers are pretty common, but easy to spot. But I've yet to see any true attempts to go undercover for speed enforcement by the OHP or other Ohio police.
  3. Re: Can A LEO Give You A Ticket Without Having A Lock?

    I know in Ohio, police aren't required to use radar at all. Their initial speed estimate from eyeballing your vehicle is held up in court.
  4. Re: Moving to California, got a few decisions to make. Help?

    Return it.

    Personally, I like a Valentine 1 / Laser Interceptor combination for countermeasures. (BTW-Cliff at Laser Interceptor is extraordinary at customer service and tops when it comes to...
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    Re: 9500ix....Sleeping Beauty

    9 over is about twice the tolerence of WSP when its dead...[/QUOTE]

    Seriously? I don't really count on anything over 10 in Ohio, but I've blown by cops doing posted+20 easy on multiple occasions...
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    Re: E92 M3 Install, yes, that old gem.

    I too am interested in this question for my e46. A kidney grill install seems more optimal but also seems just about impossible to do correctly.
  7. Re: SO, what is more effective against real police lidar. Blinder hp-905, or LI?

    Any news on this front? It's been a couple weeks.
  8. Re: What is the percentage of drivers using a radar detector?

    So maybe I'm just awful at spotting them, but I've only seen a handful of drivers with radar detectors here in Ohio. And most of those are cobras.
  9. Re: Beltronics STi Magnum Radar Detector - Purchased


    : )[/QUOTE]

    That's just got to be a myth haha. Even if it's technically true, I wouldn't be surprised if the judge would be willing to "look away" from the police actions during...
  10. Re: what if someone could build you a custom RD with all your likes, what would you p

    The thing is, it's not like there's a great deal of personal preference when it comes to detectors. There are a bunch of good features out there, and people are generally forced to choose between...
  11. Thread: hi all

    by infinitysquared

    Re: hi all

    Strange entrance!
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    Re: New member intro

    I was able to post anywhere I wanted after my very first post. I don't know what's up.
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    Re: Redline POS

    I bet that $500 budget you allotted yourself for the redline could have bought you a night with an 18 year old redhead cheerleader. Just sayin'. ;)
  14. Re: My new bumper Sticker (Thanks to valentine one)

    Well, depending on the way the detector is mounted, the cop may or may not even notice it. The way a lot of people mount their detectors up high, the rearview mirror does a pretty good job of...
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    Re: hey guys

    Hmm. Apparently the sti magnum is identical to the redline in just about every way except for a much superior ramp up. ( and a $409 purchase price at radar busters!)

    Is it likely that the "expert...
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    Re: hey guys

    Oh and one other thing. I just want to check that I'm correct in getting a radar detector first right? Would it be silly to choose just a laser jammer without getting a detector first? ( I'll...
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    Re: hey guys

    Hmm that's news to me. What exactly should I be expecting in terms of differences between the company's tsr?

    Also, I'm looking more into the redline now. I understand that escort live allows you...
  18. Re: Performance aside, everyday livability is important

    So it does sound like SmartRadar is pretty workable. Can you confirm what kind of antenna it uses? And you still do have to pay for Escort Live with it right? It doesn't come as part of some sort of...
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    Re: hey guys

    Yeah the clock system would be awesome. I'm not picky about the usage of arrows, per say, I just wish I had a way of knowing what direction the threat is in.

    And yeah, my brother has a 9500ix, and...
  20. Re: Performance aside, everyday livability is important

    I'm actually interested in that new Smartradar product... I noticed that it is priced below the 9500ix. How does it stack up/what are the differences between the two?

    I'm assuming that Smart Radar...
  21. Re: Performance aside, everyday livability is important

    There's always a balance. If you're out to have fun, and breaking (theoretically) the speed limit to the point of felony, then you better damn well get all the performance that you can out of that...
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    hey guys

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I drive a silver BMW 330ci with..... no countermeasures!

    It's been largely unnecessary for me as of yet, since I know all the dangerous spots on my daily highway commute....
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