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  1. Re: Any one using the Laser Interceptor High Power unit?

    We run quad HP units on a 2011 Maserati Granturismo S. They have been absolutely flawless.

    That being said, we also run normal LI's on an A8l and a Ford Escape. Both have been equally good. The...
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    Re: SCD Speed Camera Eliminator

    Keep in mind that there are four methods of speed cameras:

    Single flash, no preflash
    Single flash with preflash
    Two pictures, two flashes no preflash
    Two pictures, two preflashes (for 4 total...
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    Re: Jammer testing Cincinnati

    Let me know as well. I'm in Cincy and would love to test my jammer again.
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    Types of flashes and preflashes

    I need some help collecting information about flashes and preflashes on speed and red light camera systems. If you live in an area with one, I would hugely appreciate it if you could help collect...
  5. WTB: Videos of your speed or red light camera violation

    If you have recently received a red light or speed camera ticket, I am willing to purchase access to your video for $50. For example, Redflex systems uses the website If you PM...
  6. Does anyone know of any upcoming speed/red light camera test periods or trials?

    Is anyone aware of any speed or red light camera test periods or trials that are coming up in the USA? I'm looking for one of those situations where they give you a "warning period" where they will...
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    Re: Big Test for the Northeast

    If you want to do the end of May in CT I can probably be there with an A8L with a LI dual and a Granturismo S with a LI Quad HP
  8. Re: 2011 Maserati Granturismo S Laser Interceptor Quad HP and 100% Stealthed V1 inst

    I'll let him choose whether or not to say since I don't want to share any personal information about specific people (and it is a link to facebook, after all). You never know who's lurking!
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    Re: Bond's Aston? Pfffft....

    Countermeasure installs are done
  10. 2011 Maserati Granturismo S Laser Interceptor Quad HP and 100% Stealthed V1 install

    My father just sent me the pictures of his Granturismo after he got the install done at High Fidelity Autosport - these guys are absolutely top notch and flat out know their stuff. Total pro's in...
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    Re: Bond's Aston? Pfffft....

    Placement in the front is cake because that grill is actually recessed several inches and there is a PERFECT ledge. They will be even, perfectly flush with the edge of the lip, and perfectly spaced....
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    Bond's Aston? Pfffft....

    updated with install pics
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    Re: Next generation laser guns

    i thought that the insurance companies "support and donate" to LEAs and in this case they always find money to do so.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]

    You're the one that needs to smell the coffee. Insurance...
  14. Re: ! Laser Atlanta Upgrades Its SpeedLaser® Models !

    I hope this can be solved via software update for LI. I literally installed my new gen. 8 two days ago.
  15. Re: LI-could you PLEASE update software to allow muting of the V1 & the LI voice prom

    Adding V1 muting would elevate the LI to rare status of "I can't think of anything to improve on." IT would be damn close to a perfect product. I really hope this gets added! I hooked my father's...
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    Re: East Coat - *TRI-STATE AREA* Jammer meet

    If it's around thanksgiving break you can count me and my father in, maybe one car with LI but possibly two or three depending on if I drive or fly home for break.
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    Re: Todays's NJ Laser Jammer Meet

    Rob, I'd appreciate a private link too. Always interested in LEO encounters to better know the "enemy".
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    Re: Thinking of putting a CB in the car.

    Best method I've found of getting truckers to respond for a bear check:

    "Northbound (or whichever direction is opposite from what you're driving) you're looking good back to the (whichever exit a...
  19. Cincinnati and Columbus area test meeting?

    My new version LI is coming in this week and I'd love to do some testing on it at some point if we can find a gun. Anyone else in the Ohio area that wants to do some testing?

    I'm in Cincinnati...
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    Poll: Re: Lifespan of LI heads

    I was one of those early LI adopters that purchased a LI from Elvis via a money order "donation".

    Let it be known that Cliff has taken care of me 100 percent of the time (multiple times) when I...
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    Re: 800 miles w/ my LI and no hits/saves yet

    It's to the point now where I just drive exactly 55 mph for that 7min commute as I don't want them to start noticing it takes them a few seconds longer to get a reading on my car (until I kill the...
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    Re: 800 miles w/ my LI and no hits/saves yet

    I get hit once a week living in Cincinnati. It's unbelievable how often the cops are out - I have a 7 minute commute to school each morning and I see MINIMUM 1 motorcycle guy with a truspeed and...
  23. Re: Why nothing new against Photo Cameras except crappy plates?!??!

    what is digital have to do with it? I have a digital camera and a digital video camera and when there both point at sunny windows they overexpose. They try to compensate but still get a bright spot...
  24. Re: Why nothing new against Photo Cameras except crappy plates?!??!

    doesn't matter if the camera shoots 10 seconds or 20 seconds if that light is bright enough to over expose the film then all 10 seconds will be unreadable. But like I've said in other posts about...
  25. Re: Why nothing new against Photo Cameras except crappy plates?!??!

    then you'll be sorry to see the speed camera jammer. If you haven't already. From looking at it I'd say they solved your video problem.[/QUOTE]

    I'd urge you to do your research before dropping...
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