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  1. Huge Ka Range V1G2 after software update!

    Got amazing Ka detection range after doing a software update on my V1G2
  2. Re: NC Highway Patrol are they using something new?

    Here is a video of me going over the options
  3. NC Highway Patrol are they using something new?

    Was on 540 today and saw the a state police car sitting in the medium. I wasn't going all that fast so of not a major concern but I only got a short Ka beep on my Valentine One unit then after I...
  4. Re: It Never Shuts Up !! What are my options? V1 3.863.

    FYI, my new V1 just arrived, it does not go off on speed sensors or lane assists like the old one does. It still however detects drug stores and shopping centers the same as my old one. The K...
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    Re: Bel Detectors with Escort Live

    Sure wish all these detector companies would just SYNC with Waze. So no matter who's detector you got you get a feed from the collective.
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    Re: The future of Valentine One? Dismal.

    Upgrading my V1, I was thinking about a Redline cause I like the spec display, the voice announcements and the ease of changing functions.
    Wife said, "The Redline has no Arrows, how do you know...
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    How are you guys "Apptizing" your car?

    Just curious if you guys are using another smart phone or your in-use phone for your car apps.

    I was thinking about using YaV1 with my V1 on my Old Smart phone and when on a Road trip I would run...
  8. Re: It Never Shuts Up !! What are my options? V1 3.863.

    are you running it in L or small L mode? If that doesn't work and your not going to get a new one then just disable X and K band. Most cops run Ka anyway
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    Re: Valentine 1 taking upgrades NOW

    Does the new ESP unit help cut down the false alerting to CVS Walgreens, Food Lion, Dicks, Car Dealerships, etc? If not I think I might sell it and buy something with better filtering even if...
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    WAZE Android app - This is very cool!

    Went on a road trip to the beach. We took my wife's car so did not bring the radar detector. She started off with the driving so I launched the WAZE app on my Android.

    First time I got to really...
  11. Re: Man Arrested Over Reply To Speeding Ticket: '**** Your ****ty Town'

    "New York" yeah, that explains it all
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    "You must think in Russian"

    What was that movie with Clint Eastwood when he had to steal that Russian Jet.

    Anyway, check out these Russian detectors, some of them have Video Dash Cams in them!
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    Re: Your opinions please

    interesting response and I somewhat agree but I have no debt. As far as IRA/401K that the government is trying to take from me like they did in Poland and directly stealing from the depositors like...
  14. Re: V1 is about 5 yrs old now any advantage in getting a new one?

    As far as me pulling my smart phone out of my pocket to see if an alert is true or false does not seem very practical to me.

    I am in the camp "if it aint broke dont fix it" I wonder if I should...
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    Your opinions please

    I got some cash available to put into my car.

    I drive a 2010 Challenger R/T Hemi and considering either:

    Diablo InTune - Already have the CAI and Catback

    Valentine One Upgrade - to the new...
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    Re: New LI install/Looking to test

    First have you used a smart phone video to see if the sensors light up when triggered?
  17. V1 is about 5 yrs old now any advantage in getting a new one?

    Any advantages in getting a new V1? Mine seems to perform very well as far as detecting radar but it does just as well in detecting CVS, Walgreens, Walmart etc.
  18. Re: If you cant afford a V1, what's the next best option(s)?

    Donate $10 to the Sheriff department and put their sticker on your car, be nice and don't go more than 15 over.
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    Re: Are we in trouble??

    At the rate law enforcement is going they wont need a laser, just pull you over, say you were doing 80 and write you a ticket. search your car, plant some drugs in there, arrest you for that and...
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    Re: new updates? worth it??

    oh, I think I need an upgrade. Hate those traffic sensors!!!
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    Re: How I beat a photo radar ticket.

    Why not simply say the Camera is unconstitutional and go pound sand?
  22. Re: ticketed in Virginia for having a radar detector

    I have to go to Virginia for a few days.

    Not sure if my Hemi will run without a V1 counterpart.
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    Re: New car soon?

    Yeah, the TL is sweet, the new TSX 6 cyl is nice too.

    I just bought a 2010 Challenger R/T 5.7L Hemi 6 Speed Manual. It big, its heavy, it's fast, sounds bad ass and it definately turns heads....
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    Re: Best Tar Remover - What do you recommend?

    If you put a thin coat of vassoline on the rear fenders the tar goop will wipe off with a damp towel.

    Should always keep a good coat of wax on your car as well
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    Re: Whatever happened to HIDs?

    I had 6000's HID's in my last car, my new Challenger RT has regular lights and I like them better. I find that with the aftermarket HID's the light is too bright and concentrated that it makes it so...
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