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    Re: Sending V1 In For Service

    my V1 stopped working so I sent it in for the $200 v1.85 upgrade considered it a repair/upgrade to justify the cost.

    I have 2 other V1 on v1.8. they work fine as I only use Ka band.
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    Re: Looking for a radar detector for sport bike.

    I have the exact same setup.

    can you use comm and hear v1 output at the same time?

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    Re: Results?: Which RD for your bike this summer?

    V1 with remote audio works great.

    now I need laser interceptor for those sneaky moto cops hiding and shooting laser.
  4. Re: Would you be interested in purchasing a new RD with Arrows from Escort?

    if it does not have arrows it won't even be on my list.....
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    Re: V1 California Settings

    I'm in so cal and have also disabled X and K bands.

    I usually don't look for LE if I'm at speed limit. In the last week I've had 2 instances where moto LE shot me with lidar. V1 went off and...
  6. Re: looking to buy a used valentine one? what should i know before i buy one?

    I bought a used one for $200.

    it stopped working after a month.

    I sent it in for an upgrade so I ended up spending about same as new.

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    Re: California Drivers: Do you keep K-band on?

    what pisses me off is that road side "your speed is X" signs are using Ka now. I passed two of them on 101 in the central coast yesterday.
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    Re: California Drivers: Do you keep K-band on?

    I turned K band off but I've been told on this forum some local PDs here in so cal still use it from time to time.
  9. Re: I want to like my V1...but it's hard to do so sometimes.

    Thanks for the advice. I do travel through that area once or twice a year.

    I guess I've been spoiled by the local CHP in my area. Last weekend I saw 3 of them shooting lidar yet they kept their...
  10. Re: I want to like my V1...but it's hard to do so sometimes.

    I live in so cal and I've disabled K and X band. once in a while I'll get a false Ka or laser that lasts for a second or two. I usually don't speed on surface streets since there are many hidden...
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    Re: Ideal Freeway settings for CA,NY,FL? New V1

    I think that's how mine is setup.

    CHP don't always drive with radar on. especially if roads are crowded. they like to sneak up and pace you.
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    Re: Won eBay bid for V1 @ $285.00 + $6 shipping!

    in my experience you're better off buying a new one.

    I bought mine for $225 but it stopped working after a couple months. I sent it in for upgrade and it cost $200. YMMV.
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    Re: FNGQ: Do you get what you pay for?

    I live in the south eastern end of ventura county.

    CHP is out in force every weekend on route 23 (moorpark/simi).

    I've passed 3+ chp (like video above) using Ka and lidar within 4 miles.
  14. Re: Has anyone ever used an Attorney to fight a ticket in CA? - What is your experien

    PM me if you're in the los angeles area.

    do a trial by declaration before you spend money on a lawyer. if you lose then request a trial de novo and hire a lawyer.

    mine served the officer...
  15. Re: Has anyone ever used an Attorney to fight a ticket in CA? - What is your experien

    if you're in the los angeles area then PM me.

    you should do trial by declaration before you hire a lawyer. do a trial de novo if you're found guilty from the TBD.
  16. Re: Has anyone ever used an Attorney to fight a ticket in CA? - What is your experien

    cost me $850 but I got out of a ticket for 100mph.

    a good lawyer will cost you $$$

    my lawyer claims 85% success rate.
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    Re: Motorcycle Detector

    my vote is on the V1

    - there's only one large button/knob
    - HARD is discont but you get get the marc parnes LED cluster. it is incredibly bright.

    as for vibration resistance I'm not sure. my...
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    Re: New motorcycle any defense suggestions?

    I ride more than I drive. with multiple bikes I use RAM magnetic mounts so I use my V1 with any one.

    I've been using a V1 for a year now. I bought it used. It worked fine for a while then stopped...
  19. Re: Settings for Los Angeles/So Cal and POP Question

    I disable X and K band. only pop, Ka and laser. this reduce false alarms 90%

    depends where you live I guess. I'm north and west of LA but I go into LA for work.
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    Re: 3.893 not as loud as older models?

    I wear earplugs and a helmet while riding....I can hear the 3.893 BETTER.
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    Re: new updates? worth it??

    I live close to areas with heavy traffic monitoring coverage.

    they are shipping my updated V1 today!!!
  22. Re: What bands (and laser?) used by California Highway Patrol?

    what I've noticed in the last year driving/riding around LA and ventura county is that LE use instant on lidar/radar about 95%. it is very rare I get Ka band from CHP and local PD.

    On roadtrips...
  23. Re: New V1 Owner- Debating Whether to Keep and Adjusting Settings for SoCal

    I ride through the edges of santa monica on my commute. I'm very aware that moto cops with lidar/radar likes to target the street I use from time to time. luckily there's not much parking on this...
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