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    Dead Forum

    It looks like this forum has died and it died a slow painful death!!!
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    Re: Just Ordered Redline

    I am sure that I will enjoy using it here in Virginia.
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    Just Ordered Redline

    I just ordered a Redline...I can't wait to get it...:D
  4. Re: Proposed Bill Could Lift Ban on Radar Detectors in Virginia.

    01/28/15 House: Transportation Subcommittee recommends laying on the table (4-Y 1-N)

    This bill may be dead. The full transportation committee still has to vote on it.
  5. Re: Bill to repeal Virginia radar detector ban

    Update: This bill is dead...House Transportation Subcommittee recommends laying on the table (4-Y 1-N).

    Radar Detectors will remain illegal in Virginia :(
  6. Bill to repeal Virginia radar detector ban

    A bill was introduced in the Virginia General Assembly House of Delegates to repeal the Virginia Radar Detector Ban (HB 2079).

    If this passes, I'll have to change my name on here.
  7. Re: Greetings & Warning To Virginia Drivers

    The last time I checked the price of a Spectre IV, it was close to $3K each.
  8. Re: The future of Valentine One? Dismal.

    It's a common misconception that enlarging a rd detectors horn adds to it's sensitivity. :)[/QUOTE]

    All a larger horn would do is allow for recieving lower frequencies.

    I have never owned or...
  9. Re: Flipping Off Police Officers Constitutional, Federal Court Affirms

    That's right!!!!
  10. Bills seek to curtail use of red-light cameras

    Bills seek to curtail use of red-light cameras - Daily Progress: News
  11. Re: False Laser alert on a Navy base

    I believe that the Clear Air Turbulence system uses a laser to detect turbulence.
  12. Re: Can A LEO Give You A Ticket Without Having A Lock?

    Ain't this the sad truth haha![/QUOTE]

    It sure is, Comrades.
  13. Re: Can A LEO Give You A Ticket Without Having A Lock?

  14. Re: Police Can Install Hidden Cameras on Private Property Without a Warrant, Judge Ru

    If I found a camera on my property, it will meet with a large hammer.
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    Re: Conflict of Interest?

    Which companies make both radar guns and radar detectors?
  16. Re: Virginia Detector - detector

    The V1 can be detected by all models of Spectre. As for confiscating RD's in Virginia that is rare, they copy the serial number, make and model of the unit and give it back to you...I believe that...
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    Re: Question from Virginia

    I am also in Virginia...As to why the other 49 states allow Radar Detectors (RD's) I don't have an answer for that except for one. Only 2 states ever had a total ban on RD's, they are Virginia and...
  18. Bill to repeal Reckless Driving in Va for 20+ over the PSL or 80+mph

    A bill to repeal Reckless Driving in Va for 20+ over the PSL or 80+mph has been proposed in the Virginia Senate for the 2013 session of the General Assembly...The bill number is SB 694.
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    Re: Licence plate cover

    All plate covers and frames are illegal in Virginia but you see them everywhere. I found out the hard way, i got stopped for a plate cover that had become clouded...No Ticket. Just told to remove it.
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    Re: New member in Virginia

    Welcome to the forum from Williamsburg, Va.
  21. Re: Need CB Stealth Install and Antenna Question

    I had a magnetic mount antenna that stayed put at speeds over 135.
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    Re: Automated tickets

    The only reason for using traffic SCAMERAS is money. The city of Washington, DC will take in close to $100 millions in SCAMERA (Red-Light and Speed) fines this year. DC keeps adding scameras all of...
  23. Re: "Smooth Operator" initiative will run through Aug. 18 across Montgomery County.

    They run that "Smooth Operator" CRAP in Virginia too. It seems like every holiday Virginia State Toll Collectors(State Police) do some kind traffic crack down.
  24. Re: My New Cobra XRS-9990 Has Arrived!

    Cobra is not the only company that markets their RD'd by the number of bands that they detect. I've seen ads from Escort with number of bands that the units detects...Yes, it is silly...
  25. Re: States Limiting Their Use of Planes for Speed Enforcement

    I have heard of aircraft being used for traffic enforcement in Virginia but have never seen it. I have also heard that Virginia sold all but one of their aircraft.
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