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    Re: V1 False Alerts from Tractor Trailers

    I have this happen too. Not sure what model my V1 is. I have always figured they were running a junky radar detector that was falsing, but not giving me the "J" alert. I have false signals, but no...
  2. Why is video helpful in refuting tickets?

    Hi! Thanks for the help in advance.

    I searched the forums and could not acquire an answer to my questions.

    I was just following a rabbit and he/we got quick-triggered. I saw the cop hit his...
  3. Live in NC (North Carolina) got photo radar speeding ticket in Washington DC--points?

    Thanks for the help in advance. I have searched the forums for about 15 minutes using the search feature and am unable to find the answer to these questions.

    I got a ticket in Washington DC...
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    Sticky: Re: Radar Bands by Town - Updated 3/7/2011

    Sylva, NC X (maybe), K (Yes) and Ka (Yes)
    Waynesville, NC X (maybe), K (Yes) and Ka (Yes)
  5. Know of a good installer for Western NC (or Upstate SC/Easter TN/Atlanta area)?


    Thanks for the help in advance. I need a good Valentine 1 (V1) installer. I searched the forum and did not find this information anywhere.

    I don't want to do it myself. I'm lazy. The...
  6. Re: Veteran/Military service plates a countermeasure?

    I'm going to make people angry and disagree. After watching these two videos I purposefully anonymize my cars. You are welcome to disagree with me.

    The speaker, Barry Cooper, is an ex-police...
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    Re: Florida - 1 save in 6 weeks

    Be aware that GA has VERY TOUGH speeding laws in work zones. Fines are heavy. Think $3000+. Really!

    The legislature increased fines in work zones about two or so years ago. The fines are now...
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    Re: My carry case zipper is DOA

    I ruined a $600 TomTom recently by dropping it in its case so now I am paranoid. I wanted something that was sturdier and cushier than what V1 offered.

    I bought this for my V1 and it works...
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    Re: Spectre Vs Redline Part 2

    I too would assume that no matter what you do THE RADAR DETECTOR IS GONE. Now what about trying to make the cop GONE too.

    Put him on the stand and LET HIM PERJURE HIMSELF. MAKE HIM SAY he got it...
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    Re: Least Durable Car You've Owned

    1984 Audi 4000. The smaller one, not the one with the unintended acceleration problems.

    It had 100,000 miles on it and I got it for $5000 as my high school graduation present. It cost me a...
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    Re: Proud of my wife!

    I recently had the same experience with my gf. At first she said, "I will not ride in your car if you have radar detector." I thought, "Hmph! She said she didn't like the GPS and now it lives in...
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    Re: wanted escort 9500ci radar antenna

    Here is what I would do with my $399: Valentine.
  13. Re: you have got to be kidding me!! One month old redline and no sound???

    Get a V1.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Re: V1 Ordered

    Welcome to the cult! The V1 is a great detector.
  15. Re: Can V1 handle elevated on-ramp lane merge ambush?

    Only speed with a rabbit.
    Use rear jammers.
    And mark VASCAR locations on your GPS.
  16. Re: What causes the V1 to fall out of tune?

    I hear ya. I dropped my $700 dollar TomTom awhile back and it is kaput; it was even in the factory case.

    Having learned such an expensive lesson I got a case for my V1 the other day. I avoided...
  17. Re: Trying to decide: Escort 9500ix Vs Escort Redline Vs Valentine 1

    I say V1. I just bought one and it is awesome. The arrows really are a FEATURE and not a gimmick; they alone are worth buying the V1. And like has been said, you can eliminate most of the falses...
  18. Re: Write to Cheetah encouraging them to create a product to cut LJs off based on PSL

    R U female...
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    Re: Another Redline "Service Required"

    I just got my V1 and already my anxiety level has decreased. It is nice to know where the coppers are.
  20. Re: Write to Cheetah encouraging them to create a product to cut LJs off based on PSL

    Thanks! I will look into this. I would rather have a keyfob than a permanently mounted kill switch. Good idea!
  21. Re: Buying a new car. Which of these colors is the most stealth to laser and radar?

    Veil comes to mind. Probably will install, test, tweak, test then Veil if I am getting PT then test again.

    And now, I feel like this toward the situation.
  22. Re: Buying a new car. Which of these colors is the most stealth to laser and radar?

    Is this because the headlights wrap around the side of the vehicle?[/QUOTE]

    Most definitely!! That wrap is huge! My car headlights housing is pretty big (15in x 6in), has a pretty bad wrap which...
  23. Re: Congratulations to me! I just bought a Valentine!

    My V1 arrived in two days!

    I ordered on Saturday night at 10pm, but they do not ship on weekends so it went out Monday from Ohio. It arrived to my house in Western North Carolina on Wednesday. ...
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    Re: Awesome freakin save

    You sure do!
  25. Re: Write to Cheetah encouraging them to create a product to cut LJs off based on PSL

    I had not consider this. Good point!
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