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  1. Re: BREAKING: Early testing suggests the new Cis are most impressive

    Well from the radar testing I've seen it's almost but not as good as the Redline with range and has trouble with Ka falsing, misses I/O Ka just as bad as missing LIDAR. It's looking like just...
  2. Re: BREAKING: Early testing suggests the new Cis are most impressive

    Agreed, early testing actually seems most unimpressive on the LIDAR front.

    The good news is Escort is at least aware of the problem.

    Escort Radar...
  3. Re: Hi from Pennsylvania - PLEASE recommend a RADAR DETECTOR

    V1, several hundred saves in and it costs less than 2 tickets; so extremely affordable within context. Just remember it's a tool not a safety net, so it won't prevent all stops, you'll need a...
  4. Re: Need CB Stealth Install and Antenna Question

    Never had an issue with it flying off, and I've used a few. Unfortunately stealth and CB are almost mutually exclusive, to get the proper length for a good signal you're looking at at least 3ft. I...
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    Re: CB Receiving Range

    Depends on the car and what you want to do, most cars direct to battery is best as it helps get a cleaner electrical signal, in my car add-a-fuse worked better. Also need to consider if the radio...
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    Police Enforce New Car Crash Crackdown

    Police Enforce New Car Crash Crackdown
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    Re: Can LIDAR be shot behind closed window?

    The most important factor as far as accuracy goes is the slope of the window, the closer to vertical the less it'll effect the readings; but it's like putting dirty glasses or sunglasses on the LIDAR...
  8. Re: not necessarily a countermeasure, more of a question

    At average enforcement distance the beam would be roughly 3ft wide, reaming wouldn't be necessary, as the rest of the bumper, hood and windshield would reflect enough signal to get a read; the...
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    Re: Your gps may be spying on you !

    That's coming, Comrade.[/QUOTE]
    Coming, google TomTom selling the info to the police in Europe and Austrailia or New Zealand so the police know where to set up speed traps and speed cameras. It...
  10. Re: Illinois Accident Lawyer Blasts State's Move to Raise Speed Limits for Truckers

    Someone missed the boat on the differential of speed issues that make car vs semi accidents more common, and the reason that 3 (IN, and I think IA and OH?) other states repealed their truck only...
  11. Re: Indiana State Police has new undercover cars

    All I've heard of is some whacker in South Bend running C/O X band on some surplus unit he bought; he rolled down his window and told a user on this forum that he likes to tick off RD users.
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    Re: Ham Radio Plates in VA

    Technically speaking an RD is operational radio equipment....
  13. Re: Indiana State Police has new undercover cars

    One was on 465 on Saturday, but he was busy tending to an accident.

    High visibility patrols, with an unmarked vehicle...there's something I'm missing there.
  14. MA- Putting the brakes on speeding tickets

    Putting the brakes on speeding tickets -
  15. Re: Is it possible to detect police cars by outgoing radio transmissions from car?

    For those looking to user beartracker and close call, I suggest looking up Rocky2 and Stimuli; and watching their youtube videos. The thing with those is you need both proximity and transmitting;...
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    Re: What would you Want to See

    Uniden CBs and Scanners, Wilson CB antennas and Larid (Antennex/Maxrad) CB, VHF-hi, UHF, 800mhz and scanner antennas, NMO mounts and NMO mag mounts. GRE scanners would be nice but they seem to be...
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    Re: Insurance Question (State Farm)

    If it's legally registered there then it shouldn't be an issue, if you've registered it elsewhere (especially over state lines) you're the primary driver on the car then they need to move you to an...
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    Re: Best Way to Avoid Traffic?

    Routing options, I had 100mile commute at one point I had no less than 20 different regular routes, using main county and local road mixes; combine that with scanner listening for accidents and a CB...
  19. Re: Anyone Pulled Over for a Veiled License plate ?

    djrams got pulled for Veiled tail lights on his new red mustang convertible years ago, I'm not sure if it was the veil or the red mustang, but the officer said it was for tinted tail lights.

  20. Re: Help me with my setup please? Very limited time

    Unless you're using it to listen to CB traffic (better for CMs) then a CB antenna is the best thing for the job.

    You need to check and tune the antenna for CB if it's a CB radio you're talking...
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    Re: Florida Scanner Questions

    State is out of the question; but check the counties you'll be traveling through, there's a bunch with their own systems that are still monitor-able.
  22. Re: IL - State police plan crackdown on holiday driving

    I-95 Runs from Maine to Florida without going through ANY of the states mentioned. :rolleyes::confused:
  23. Re: WI & IL - Police Beefing Up Patrols on Interstate 94 Sunday

    I just drove Green Bay to Chicago today, not a single Trooper in either state.:rolleyes:
  24. Re: Cop issues ticket for warning others of speed trap

    why. this kind of ticket it absurd.[/QUOTE]
    He played roadside lawyer, might as well have wrote the ticket himself to save the officer the work. Never never never play roadside lawyer.

    I'm a...
  25. Re: Cop who watched child porn in squad car gets 60 days

    But he did spend $100 to view this stuff at least once, it's almost a sure bet he's paid to access it elsewhere and may have been able to turn them onto a website or ban account to go trackdown.
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