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    Default In-depth Uniden R9 Review (Video & Written)

    RadarBusters just published an in-depth video review of the Uniden R9 after an extended 30 plus day 11,000 mile round-trip, across North America & Canada.

    During our extended real-world test of the Uniden R9, we had many police radar and police laser encounters as well as experiencing some exotic photo enforcement such as MestaFusion in Edmonton, Alberta.

    After our extended real-world test of the Uniden R9, we conducted several closed course tests which included Spectre RDD radar detector detectability tests as well as the testing the capability of the Uniden R9's laser jammers against the latest generation of police lasers that are being used today around the world.

    The full in-depth Uniden R9 review and its conclusions are the result of the most experiences you are going to find anywhere else.

    The abbreviated video review can be found, here:

    The accompanying written review can be found, here:
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    Drive safe, drive smart, but most importantly drive protected!



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