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    Default Undocumented Euro mode

    Hey all!

    Been a V1 user for 3 years now in the UK, and I recently had my unit upgraded to the latest (only added POP and Euro mode) - I have naturally activated Euro mode, but I now have a question which the manual nor the V1 website seem to answer, and support are ignoring my emails (because I am not pleased with them as they didnt send me any new cables or cradles)

    Anyway, when Euro mode is on, the ability to select All Bogey, Logic and Advance Logic mode is lost and is instead replaced with a choice of u or U modes, but as it's undocumented, I do not know what these are.

    For interest's sake, I run with Advance Logic on, before the upgrade...

    Does anyone have any concrete info on the mysterious u and U modes?



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    Thanks Where did you find that?

    Also, it still doesnt answer what the two modes are actually deigned to do, nor where my All Bogeys/Logic/Advance Logic have gone

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    you activeate the euro mode by going into the program mode!
    like on the v1 website!

    if you put it in euro mode it will only scan k and ka frequency and also ku band if you have turned that on same way as the euro mode! by the reprogram menu!

    you wont be able to run the all bogeys and adv logic modes until the euro mode is turned off!

    i hope this helps..

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    Try it on 'U', you'll need the K band in the UK.

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    Default Definitely

    I'd second that. Looks like the U offers the best coverage.

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    Cheers guys. Still undecided about Euro mode - seems to offer less overall coverage (band wise) but offers more sensitivity on the bands it is covering. I know the bands that aren't covered in Euro mode aren't in use in the UK, but still - something niggles me to know I'm not picking up all signals, if you know what I mean.

    Think I'll do some drives round known routes and compare Euro mode vs non-Euro mode as I used to run.

    Thanks for your help.



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