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    Default Lightning fast V1 repair!

    Last Friday I mailed my 1.7 V1 off for repair & ordered a new V1 at the same time. Got home today & found my repaired V1 & my new V1 both on my door step. Opened the 1.7 & found another nice surprise. My 1.7 was repaired free of charge! Gotta love V1 service.

    Now the 1.8 POP test begins.

    Just need to check if my brotherís new Ka radar in his patrol car has POP so I can play with it. Having a LEO in the family has it's advantages.

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    thats good news.... probibly because you ordered the v1!
    you certainly cant fault mikes customer service.

    i hope the v1 detects ka band pop as its soppose to,

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    Cool on the fast turnaround. When I sent my V1 out it took a couple weeks, but most of that was shipping time - 3 days each way from where I am (I didn't want to pay extra for faster shipping). Also, my V1 only needed a LO tune up, which probably takes a tech 5 minutes to do. They didn't charge me either.

    I wonder, when you get a 1.7 repaired, if they use parts out of 1.7 units they got back when people upgraded? Your V1 might have the laser circuits out of the 1.7 I upgraded last year.

    I'm curious how your new 1.8 compares to your 1.7. The GOL tests indicate it handles 67ms Ka POP nicely.
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    oh i can promise you V1 detects Ka pop. I've been editing the radar video for Guys of Lidar and it picked it up everytime. I'll get you a short teaser this afternoon if i get a chance of it working



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