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    Default what do you guys think

    hey guys.
    what do you guys think of Whistler 1733.
    Is it still good at picking radars and lasers?

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    This probably belongs in the Whistler section.

    The low-end Whistlers (173X series) are about the best you'll get in their price range. I've got a 1730 as a backup--range is great on X and K, good enough on Ka, and no laser hits with it yet, but it falses a lot (as all Whistlers do).

    If you're looking at a low-end Whistler as a backup, go for it. If you're thinking primary, the only reason you'd want to go low-end at all is if you only go 5 over or so and just need a reminder sometimes, or if you just enjoy having neat toys in your car.

    Otherwise, go to Radio Shack and get the $80 Bel. It's not too much more expensive, but it is a far better detector.

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    I had a Whistler 1773 and it was a good unit, but the falses are unbelieveable. Once you get used to where it falses at, makes it a little better but you still have to be on your toes, you never know for sure if it is a real hit or not. I have the Bel795 and I like it alot. It does not false with me near as much and I have gotten good warnings from it.

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    Default Re: what do you guys think

    Quote Originally Posted by jy0522
    hey guys.
    what do you guys think of Whistler 1733.
    Is it still good at picking radars and lasers?
    IF cops use alot of KA radar guns then dont buy it!Look at the bel cheaper units much better than on the 1733 for laser is better on the 1733 than on the bel units hope this helps :wink:

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    I've got a Whistler 1730 as a backup. It seems good for the money. I posted a review of it on here somewhere. It actually seems better than my Bel RX65 for laser. Radar is always a "just barely enough" type of warning though.



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