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    Default Thinking of installing an M20 or M40...

    Hi all
    I have a 2001 Mercury Mountaineer and I'm thinking of installing a blinder M20 or an M40, but I wanted some input as to how to mount it.

    The grille looks like this (this isnt my car but its the same exact thing)

    Should I put the heads right under the license plate where the bumber curves in, or should i mount them vertically in the grille next to the headlights? Or should I get an M40 and do both? I'm also planning to veil my front headlights and foglights, should i do the massive chrome grille too, or would that be bad for it? thanks!

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    I would put 2 by the plate, and 2 verticle next to the headlights if you dont want to cut your grill



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