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    Default Going back to 9500i from V1

    We'll, its official. I've just ordered a new car(BMW 135i) and my new detector for my car will be the new blue 9500i. My V1 has been claimed by my wife.

    I bought a 9500i when they were first released. I returned the unit for a new V1 (I've had V1's before). I have found I missed the features on the 9500i, I also found I like its KA band range better than my V1. (Yes, I know the V1 is suppose to be the best in the KA band..but not what I found)

    Don't get me wrong, the V1 is great. However, I have found it annoying after using a 9500i. I also found that anytime my 9500i would alert to a KA band hit, I would soon visually spot a highway patrol car. My V1 has had a few issues where it would hit a KA band, then J it out.

    I've been follwoing the updates to the 9500i and it sounds like a very solid detector now.

    Now, any recommendations..... BLUE VS RED??? Pro's/con's... I've personally never had a blue led detector and think the change will enhance the overall detector.(just something new and different).

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    I found blue to glare quite a bit - this was both good and bad....

    Bad in that under reduced ambient-light conditions it was distracting (I have the detector mounted just to the left of my inside RVM, so that it's easily within my peripheral vision) - but this was with my x50, which was not capable of autodimming.

    As such, I don't really know how the 9500i would play-out in this respect.

    The good, IMveryHO, was that when an alert happened, it would really, really grab my attention - especially at night.

    With my 9500i, I elected to go with a red display.

    This did solve the night-time glare issue (I've got my detector set to "MED" brightness - mounted as high as I have the detector, the autodim compensation gets kinda screwed-up from the detector's proximity to the headliner and tint-band/matrix), but I do find myself missing the visual attention-getting alert of the blue x50.

    Overall, daytime visibility, even with bright ambient conditions, I've found to not be a problem - and this is again at "only" the "MED" brightness setting.

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    I have a red 9500i but want a blue one, mainly because blue is less common, and less obvious when other people look into my car. The other reason I want blue is it will match my instrument cluster and accent lighting of my TL.

    Congratulations on going back to the 9500I, itís truly an awesome RD!

    My favorite thing about the 9500I is it seems to only alert you if itís a real threat.

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    Default Cover your head

    Those V1 fanatics are going to love reading this post, everyone duck for cover!

    Blue LEDs are the latest and greatest from what they offer and tells everyone you opted to spend $50 more for it just so you can be that much cooler of a crowd pleaser.

    If they were both the same price I would have probably opted for the blue just to have a more modern look to it, but for a $50 difference in price between the 2 for something that does the same exact job I couldn't justify the price increase in my mind so I went with the red. If money was no object to me I'd of still not been able to justify the increased price and would have went with the red and then just gave the $50 to a good cause like a charity, a homeless person, orphan children, or a stripper at the club.

    The auto dim feature seems to work very well, I have this on my TV and my Laptops and disabled it because it always makes my screen too dim, I leave it on with my detector though because it actually works pretty good. Not sure about the detectors, but I can relate to what TSi+WRX said about the blue being distracting and too bright. I have a Red LED on my HD DVD player that turns blue when it's powered on, red when off. The blue LED on it is so bright and distracting it annoys me and I ended up covering the LED with a piece of electrical tape. This looks like sheet, but it was more annoying to have that bright blue LED shining in my face while trying to watch a movie so I live with it.

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    Default Re: Cover your head

    Quote Originally Posted by Esoterica
    Those V1 fanatics are going to love reading this post, everyone duck for cover!
    May he enjoy his intelligent radar detector.

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    I prefer RED, as I rely on sound alerts and only look at the detector for secondary confirmation or after automute has been on for a while. There is a reason the military use red and green at night, it allows you to use more of your sight to see other things (I do not know how to explain it... something about cones and rods). Anyhow, I like to see as much outside of my car as possible. Even my dash is very dim, people ask me if its broke when they get in my car.

    Nice car by the way, you are going to blow peoples minds if you gas it from the stop light. You will destroy mustangs and the like. Can you post pictures when you get it with (I hope) a custom/hardwire mount?

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    I have the blue display. I ilke it because it is easier on my eyes. I also wear glasses. For some reason, the blue is easier for my eyes to focus on than the red display is. Also, blue is b******!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9500ier

    Nice car by the way, you are going to blow peoples minds if you gas it from the stop light. You will destroy mustangs and the like. Can you post pictures when you get it with (I hope) a custom/hardwire mount?
    I'll be getting the Dinan Tune for the car which will put it in the mid 4 second 0-60 time Car is not built yet, mid feb, expecd delivery late march, sometime in April. When I get the car I will post my custom/hardwire install for the 9500i (Blue).

    As for the V1 comment, I know the V1 is the BEST. My wife is also the BEST!!! Every man knows the secret to making your wife happy is to giver her a V1. She gets a V1, I get a 9500i.... Everyone's Happy!!!

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    Both are great detectors and we probably shouldn't be fighting about them but spending our time hounding all those Cobra and RMR users on the road!

    Regarding J-outs, have you tried turning off POP on your V1? Both are great detectors to have and fit different purposes, it'd be nice if both were working to your satisfaction

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    Once a zombie always a zombie. At this time there are no known cures, you'll be back in no time.




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