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    Default I-65 and I-81 Laser?

    A little background. I recently joined the Air Force in January, and got to take leave in August to see family in PA. Flew to PA, bought a car, and headed down to my next base to continue training in FL. I'll be driving back to PA in about three weeks and then driving back down to FL two weeks after that. I planned on driving at night because the roads are clear, but then I'll easily get hit by the instant on radar.

    I just bought a Beltronics 955 so I could make my trip back home to PA from FL a little faster. Alabama roads have NOTHING on them and I about died making the trip down here trying to keep the speed limit. Funds keep me from getting a laser jammer or a very good RD, so I was curious if anyone had any laser experiences on these two roads in particular, as well as I-59. I didn't know when I bought the RD that it only picked up laser when you were actually being tagged, and I just learned about instant on.

    First time I actually get to chill with family in almost a year, I'm pretty excited. First time I was only there for five days before I had to have a new car in that time frame. Crazy stuff.

    Mapquest if anyones interested:|e|3683713376

    Edit: I searched for the different roads before posting and found a list with whats used in different counties, but I figured that was locals only. i know the list has laser on most of the states I go though (WV doesn't have what staties use) but I figured with how new it is it'd be limited to certain parts of the state. Or at least, I hope.

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