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    Default Valentine 1 for Motorcycle: Good, Bad and Wacky? Please Help

    Last year, I bought a V1, with all the accessories for remote audio and visual display.

    In general, I have been very impressed with this detector, and as it says in the ads, I really do wonder how I ever lived without the arrows!?! having had another remote unit in a Porsche and several old school Escort/passport type devices many years ago.

    I drive a sport bike, and was able to run the cable through the rubber strip on the windscreen, and mount the visual display in the top, center of windscreen.

    This, at least at first, was really great! and created a very discreet, but fighter jet like, "heads up" display which did not obstruct my view of the speedo and tach, and required only a quick glance down to monitor. All of which was GOOD.

    But here are the problems:

    the detector itself sat on the flat surface of the fairing, just below and to the left of the gas tank. Although the range was pretty good, the view to the rear was obstructed by my left knee and leg.

    Also, although the fairing shields rain to some degree, in very heavy rainstorms it would always get wet and end up needing some repair.

    The other BAD situation is that where I commute through NJ into NYC and there are AT LEAST 2 or 3 radar traps every single day?!?!, and sometimes another 1 or 2 closer to home with instant on.

    So I really need to figure this out!

    1) How can I discreetly install the V1 on my bike, where it wont be obvious, wont invite thieves, will give good functionality and stand up to the weather?

    If possible, I would like to keep the fighter jet style HUD in the windscreen.

    My WACKY idea is the following:

    As I thought about the highest possible vantage point, and also the need for an unobstructed view to the rear, I thought that perhaps the best place for a detector was on top of my HELMET?!?!

    If you think about it, that would be the highest point from the road, and an unobstructed view to the rear.

    There are a couple of challenges - how can I build up a fiberglass pocket or something on top of the helmet, and also how to have connecting wires etc to the main unit and back to the audio and video displays without creating a big mess.

    The other solution would be to open up the V1 so that one lens or whatever it is called could be mounted above the license plate on the rear of the bike to also have an unobstructed view.

    Can someone explain - or are there other threads on how I might disassemble a v1 and mount the front and rear detectors separately on the front and rear of my bike?

    I realize this would void the warrantee or whatever, but right now that would be the least of my worries.

    Sorry to have so many questions in my first post, but I have just discovered this forum and hope someone can finally help to answer my nagging questions.

    cheeers and best wishes


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    I honestly frown upon using the V1 on the bike (I have said before it is nearly worthless on a bike), you can use it but you not only have to buy the V1, but spend towards the tune of $500 dollars to make the unit even worthwhile on a motorcycle.

    Because you need to invest in the extra audio jacks and display(and the display will still dissapear in direct sunlight).

    You really REALLY cannot leave the RD in the rain man... thats terrible. I would mount the RD on the windscreen and when rain appraches simpley unlatch it and throw it in your riding coat pocket. (This should keep it from getting soaked)... not to mention the damage from heat/stones/dust that it recieves from being mounted on the fairing. Or just not take it when the forecast calls for rain in the first place.

    The radar traps using instant on are something you have to deal with (the most effective way is a rabbit)... not much you can do about that.

    1) Mount it dead center on the windscreen (try to keep the ability to see all of your gauges though)... and simply disconnect it and pocket it when going somewhere... best way to fend off thieves... dont leave it on the bike.

    DO NOT mount the V1 on your helmet, (i guess you think you could strap it down)... but lets put it this way Iwould not be a huge fans of bugs/stones/birds flying towards my detector at 55 or 65 MPH, and lets face it your a sportbike rider, I bet the windspeed on the V1 would hit on the far side of those numbers.

    Mounting on the rear of the bike would effectively ruin your laser detection... aka you would have almost no front detection.

    DO NOT disassemble the V1.

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    Check out the V1 bike mount that Roy sells:

    Here is a box that can help protect it from rain:

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    airmoore and eviltwin - thank you very much for info so far.

    well here are a few points to clarify:

    - I have already spent the big bucks on all this stuff
    - it has worked pretty well, even mounted LOW and obscured to the rear
    - bike security is not really a big issue as I mainly park on private property

    so I mainly need to - somehow - figure out a more permanent, waterproof solution

    for the helmet solution, I was thinking about having a custom fiberglass guy build a pod of some sort on top of the helmet, with the clear, shatterproof cover. Obviously I dont want to expose it to rocks etc.

    I still think this would be pretty cool, although perhaps technically challenging and $$$

    Re disassembling

    Are you a custom guy yourself? With no disrepect intended - and also understanding that using a pro is always best....

    ...I have seen about a zillion of these things in rear view mirrors etc, both on ebay and in New York, that as far as I can tell were put together by small entrepreneurs in a garage somewhere.

    So I dont think it would be impossible to do, for someone who has built electronics before?

    I would also be happy to buy a SECOND V1, to have one unit facing to the rear, and one facing to the front, provided they could be synched to the same visual display?

    Hope this makes sense..

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    The drag on your helmet will make your neck hurt. I used to put my detector in the top clear "pocket" of my tank bag so that it was protected from rain & I could just unplug the power cord and headphone jack and take it along w/my tank bag. I had an 88 Honda Hawk GT, so no plastic, that's why I had to "mount" my detector that way. I know it doesn't look stock but the box that I linked seems to work for the "weather" if you kept the side mount. I personally don't like the bulky look either, I would get the mount I linked and then build a "top visor and small sides" out of plexi/lexan that you can buy at Home Depot and mount it low over the handlebars. I would make the top a little longer than the top of the V1 so that any rain would drip away from the display. This enclosure would look kind of like the gauge cluster in a car. You could still make a smaller version for the remote display and keep that mounted higher on the screen. Good luck

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    Default v1 on sportbike (VFR)

    I've used my v1 in the states on various trips. I just suction cup'd it to the windscreen and put the misc. extras in my tankbag, had a cannabolized a set of headphone and stuck the speakers in the holes for the ears.

    Worked pretty good.... wasn't that concerned about getting radar'd from the back.

    I had made a tether for it as a safety, just in case the suction cups gaveway, and looped the end of the tether around a clipon.

    I tend to ride more cautiously in the rain (if i have to ride in the rain), so I don't use the v1 then anyways.


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    Hey London,

    Check the guy's out.

    They make mounts just for the V1, and it's not going to cost you anywhere close to $500. I just ordered one. Can't wait.

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    Just a thought.

    If you search online for long enough you'll be able to find a secure, V1 remote enclosure box that will allow you to potentially mount a V1 under the fairing. It depends on the bike and if there is enough room. Aluminium boxes like this are normally used for mounting V1's in a car engine bay. I know a supplier in Germany who does this.

    If it's an option on your bike it's worthwhile exploring becuase it wouldn't be obvious, won't invite thieves, and will stand up to the weather but obviously you'll trade all of that for losing your arrows and rear detection.

    As they said in the first Cannonball Run movie, "First rule of Italian driving.... What is behind is of no concern!"

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    Default BMW K1200S and V1

    I love my V1 and it works great on my K1200S.
    It is mounted on the brake accumulator and looks through the left part of the clear windshield. The rear antenna has an unobstructed view when driving.
    It is plugged into my Autocom so I get the alerts forwarded to the speakers in my helmet.
    I have the remote located forward and to the right and with in my field of view while driving.

    Additional coverage offered by my Blinder M25. (Laser Jammer)
    The GPS is a Garmin 2820. (It forwards music and navigation as well as blue toothed phone calls)


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    Nice set up, Walt. How effective is the rear facing antenna with that placement?



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