10/31/06 10:15 PST


Starting Wednesday, a third intersection in San Mateo will be monitored by a camera capable of photographing motorists who run red lights, although for the next month, only warning notices will be mailed.

After Dec. 1, the San Mateo Police Department will begin using the cameras to collect evidence for the issuance of $348.50 citations for supposed violators.

Until then, police say having a 30-day "grace period" will get the message out and improve safety and the flow of traffic.

"Photo enforcement has a greater deterrent effect if drivers are aware it's out there," said San Mateo police Lt. Rick Passanisi. "It is important to us that all San Mateo drivers know we're using photo enforcement and that they have time to learn about this safety program."

"We want to be as fair as possible with this program," Chief Susan Manheimer said. "With a large percentage of injury traffic accidents in San Mateo caused by red light violations, and the total number of accidents rising steadily over recent years, we must be responsible and address this problem.