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    Default AZ - Police shocked at number of speeders caught on camera

    Police shocked at number of speeders caught on camera

    Edythe Jensen
    The Arizona Republic
    Jul. 24, 2007 06:24 AM
    The warning period for speeders on Arizona Avenue at Ray Road ends Wednesday but there's no sign lead-footed drivers are easing up on the gas even though they could soon get traffic tickets in the mail.

    So many have been caught since a "speed on green" camera went up there last month that even police are shocked.

    "We are amazed at the initial numbers," 1609 camera activations during the first 17 days, Commander Matt Christensen said. The camera is aimed at traffic going in one direction - southbound on Arizona Avenue. The shutter clicks if a vehicle travels 11 miles or more above the limit. Drivers going up to 19 miles above the limit got warnings until today. Speeds of 20 miles or more above the limit brought citations that carried fines, even during the warning period, Christensen said.

    The intersection is the first of 12 in the city to be equipped with two permanent photo enforcement cameras - one for red-light running and another for speeding - subjecting violators to two potential citations. The others will be activated before the end of the year, said city spokesman Jim Phipps.

    Councilman Jeff Weninger said a speed limit reduction from 45 to 35 on Arizona Avenue less than a half mile north of Ray Road may be confusing drivers and contributing to the high number of activations.

    Before the cameras went up, it was almost impossible to speed through this intersection because it was under construction and lanes had been restricted for nearly a year.
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    Oh thats nice. Imagine speeding up to beat the red light. Double whammy! :shock:



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