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    Default Using 9500ix /ZR4 Laser Shifter Together

    I understand that itís illegal to use a laser jammer in some states.

    Has anyone used this combination and if so how do you like it?

    Letís see if I understand this function correctly?

    If I was using the 9500ix along with the Laser Shifter ZR4 and had the ZR4 shifter function turned on in the 9500ix. My ZR4 would provide me with protection against laser targeting and at the same time alert me on the 9500ix. This would allow me time to shut down the ZR4 and lower my speed. Thus the LEO shooting the laser would then get a reading on me on his second or third try. He would not know that I have a laser jammer (in states where laser jammers are illegal) because I turned it off after the radar detector warning?

    Is this correct?

    Ben, OH

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    Default Re: Using 9500ix /ZR4 Laser Shifter Together

    I use the 9500ci which is basically the same as the ix and zr4 combo (except detection range is better on the ci). Your summation is correct. If you are going say 90 in a 65 and a LEO were to shoot you with laser, you would adjust your speed to 65 and shut off your jammers which would allow the LEO to get a reading.

    [ame=]YouTube - ZR3 jams yet another Harris County ProLaser 3[/ame]



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