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    Default POP mode false alerts?

    How likely are you to get falses when operating in POP mode? Today I made a trip down the interstate and had the POP alert go off twice but never once seen a cop anywhere. Also if you don't mind what are the chances of getting flase alerts on the Ka band?

    Yeah Snoopy, we all have our opinions I suppose. I can honestly say my Cobras has saved me numerous times though and does just fine for me. Other than the flase alerts I tend to get I love them. I have friends with Valentines and Whistlers which I like but for me, not worth the money. The Valentine especially has awsome range but it's much more than what I personally want or need.
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    Default Re: POP mode false alerts?

    There will be an increase in false alerts if you have POP on. I would turn it off.

    Also, I saw your other post that you have a Cobra RD. Yes, it is the RD we all bash but we bash it for a good reason: they are garbage. No joke. The detection range on them is horrible and many of us have a deep hatred for them because they cause Ka false alerts on our radar detectors:

    [ame=]YouTube - Cobra RD causes a Ka false on my V1[/ame]

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    Default Re: POP mode false alerts?

    Although this was not even close to your question, I suggest you get a better RD.

    Snoopyc4 covered everything else.

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    Default Re: POP mode false alerts?

    I understand you logic that you don't want to spend more than you have to but you can't have this mentality when it comes to police countermeasures. A Cobra RD simply won't cut it. I understand you got some saves but against radar tactics such as I/O, forward facing, and other tricky LEO tactics, the Cobra won't save you. There are plenty of budget RDs that are great for under $200 such as the refurb Escort 8500 and the Bel 955 that will protect WAY more than your Cobra ever will.

    Bel 955:

    Beltronics Vector 955 Radar Detector - Radar Detectors at Radar Busters

    In the end though, it is your driving record that you are trying to protect with a Cobra. If you feel like the RD you are currently running, then fine. I'm just trying to warn you before you get a ticket.

    Also, it is hard for myself and other forum members to keep track of your threads if you respond to us by just changing your first post. Instead, hit the post reply button at the top or bottom of the page and type your response there.

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    Default Re: POP mode false alerts?

    Snoopy has pretty much covered everything regarding POP. Turn it off for best coverage.

    Going to have to jump on the anti-cobra bandwagon. Scientifically, these detectors have horrible range and fail to detect radar bands as fast as almost every other manufacturer. Go look at the Guys of Lidar tests if you don't believe us. The results are pretty simple and clear.
    I run a very similar budget RD to your cobra(Whistler XTR-140)- and they are really trash. I don't have much money either, but its worth saving up for atleast a escort 8500 and of course a blinder jammer.



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