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    Default Car setup- Best way to run coax.

    Hey guys,

    I just picked up the Radio Shack glass-mount "cell phone" antenna for my Uniden BCT-7. I am going to place the antenna on the rear windshield of my Buick Regal. What is the best way to run the coax from the rear windshield to my scanner which I have placed underneath my ashtray. I really want the coax to be as hidden and out of the way as possible. I have thought about removing the headliner but getting it down and back up looks like a whole operation. My only other guess would be to run it along the floor by the door jams and secure it using carpet tacks. Any suggestions guys?

    Thanks alot.

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    i would say something along this line.

    run the cord over to the closest edge of the window, then run it down to the side near either the left or right rear seat.
    run/tuck the cord down the side of the seat out of the way, down to the floor.

    most floor jams will come off with a couple of screws. pop up the plate and run the cord in the groove(it should have room under there) and run it along towards the front. depending on how it is layed out, you may have to come back out and go around the base of the pillar frame that holds the seat belts and then run it under the front door jam the same way.
    if it's a 2 door and not 4 door, the same basic rules apply.

    either way, run it underneath and along the bottom until you get towards the front.
    you may have to pull off additional covers somewhere and run it inside them.
    once you get under the dash you're done.

    this is somewhat generic, but you get the idea.

    maybe someone has that same model that can give more detailed input.

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    Thanks for the input racer. I actually ended up routing the coax from the rear windshield, under the plastic door-frame edge covers, to the front, and used some double sided tape to run the coax down the side of the glove box to the unit. The glass mount antenna is not that bad either. Someone had mentioned an NMO mag mount and NMO 18'' 1/4 wave or a 150 49'' being superior. Any idea of their cost?


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    Default run

    I would run the coax under your seat.



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