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    Default CANbus equiped Audi V1 Display

    I hope this isn't a repost (didn't find anything with search) and for now it is of limited interest but maybe these guys are considering other models as well. Anyway, this took about 45 minutes to install. It has taken a little while to adapt to the messages bur I usually react to the audible and then try to determine the source from the display. The adapter has a connector for plugging in in place of the remote display and then taps into the CANbus to display the messages in the instrument panel display (radio info is displayed when no V1 alarm present).

    Display at V1 power up:

    Vendor website

    Some more picks of my install

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    Thats the best stealth display for the V1. I wish I could do that but my Audi is a 1994.

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    That's SLICK!!!!! 8)

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    Boy thatís brilliant. I wonder what other cars that would work on. I actually would consider a certain model over another if I knew.

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    thats cool and slick but i would never want it..its so small and useless..if u get an aleart its not gonna just flash u with a huge red led like normally...its just gonna blink in white ka..and it may not even get ur attention...however if u just want to be 'stealthy' than its good because if u are an experience v1 user, u don;t necessarily need to look at ur v1...

    but yeah, i would much rather take the RVM version of the v1 as oppose to this one

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    Default Nice

    Nice job!

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    that looks so awsome. i like it a lot

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    richardboy316 - I guess it all depends on driving style (or perhaps reaction to a radar warning style). I leave the initial volume pretty high on mine and used to strugle with where to look first - speedo or RD. This move makes it automatic for me - I hear the RD and look to one place to get the next two pieces of info I need. I also really like the RVM display (which is obviously more universal in it's application) but this one just works for me.

    For anyone else that might like this approach on a different vehicle, I would contact these guys directly (see link in original post). I think this started as a weekend project and they decided to see where it would go. With a little more mainstream vehicle, they could probably make a career out of it. When they were working on this model, they had a lot of folks beta testing for them. e-mails to their sales address always resulted in replies wihtin a few days.

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    will that work with my vw?

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    It should work on your VW.



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