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    Default Concealed Display RJ-11 Jack Relocation

    In order to make the CD better mesh with my dash, I decided to place it in the steering column. This placement, however, would not work with the RJ-11 jack oriented as it is from the factory. I had to move it. Be advised that I ruined one Concealed Display last month attempting this mod. Be very careful as the pads that the jack connects to are easy to detach from the chip.

    To remove the RJ-11 jack, I held the tip of the soldering iron on the "feet" for 5-10 seconds. While holding the iron on a foot, I pulled up and to the side on the jack until the foot "popped" off. Once it pops off, hold it up momentarily and blow on the chip surface to ensure that any still-hot solder doesn't re-adhere to the jack.

    Once you have both feet detached from the chip, you have to remove the 6 feed-lines that attach to the chip. Do this one-by-one. Touch the iron tip to a feed line pad and gentle pull on the feed with tweasers. Blow on the pad to cool the solder and ensure there will be no re-attaching.

    Once the jack is removed, touch each pad on the chip with the iron tip. This will make the remaining solder reconstitute into a nice bubble. Get a standard RJ-11 phone cord and strip the ends in a standard procedure. Coat the wire tips in solder.

    Attach each solder-prepped wire end to a pad on the chip but holding the wire end on the pad and pressing down on the wire with the iron tip. The attachment is far easier than remove of the jack. Remember to use the four center pads on the concealed display as the outside pad on both sides do nothing.

    The attachment should look something like this:

    Note that I used heat shrink to seperate wires. Had I trimmed the wire ends more cleanly heatshrink would've been unnecessary.

    Repeat this process on the other side of the phone cord. Attach the wires to the RJ-11 jack feeds MAKING SURE TO ATTACH THE CORRECT WIRE TO THE CORRECT FEED.

    Tape off or use heatshrink at this connection spot.

    Now you've reduced the size of the CD to roughly the faceplate only.


    Edit: Sorry for the lack of pictures, I hadn't intended to make a DIY out of this part.

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    Default Re: Concealed Display RJ-11 Jack Relocation

    i think i am going to give this a shot.......Hopefully i wouldn mess up...

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    Default Re: Concealed Display RJ-11 Jack Relocation

    You make everything look so hard, lol.

    I'll take a picture of my CD in a little bit just for lawls



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