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    Default Constant Rear Laser Detection...

    I have been receiving a constant rear laser detection on my V1 (newest hardware, upgraded last year).

    I have been seeing this in a completely dark parking lot, without any cars, lights, or anything shining on the device.

    My next step is to power it on in the house to see if I receive the same problem.

    I was searching but didn't see anything like this, where its NOT something else triggering it...

    I was even able to have constant rear laser alert be happening even with black tape over the sensor.

    Just wanted to see if anyone else had somethine similar, if I cannot get this to stop, I will just ship it in for repair.

    Your thoughts ?

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    not here.

    Default Re: Constant Rear Laser Detection...

    What's the version? Sounds like it needs to go to the hospital.

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    Default Re: Constant Rear Laser Detection...

    What vehicle do you drive?

    Try it in another car..........

    Is it hardwired or not?

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    Default Re: Constant Rear Laser Detection...

    Quote Originally Posted by th3 factory freak View Post
    What vehicle do you drive?

    Try it in another car..........

    Is it hardwired or not?

    It is hardwired, the car doesnt have laser cruise, or rain sensing wipers, I've never had this problem in the 3 years the device has been in the car, and its been in the same position for the last year, and only a week or so ago did it start this.

    I will test in a completly controled environment, like a room thats dark and see what happens.

    It happens with and without the Concealed display connected...

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    Default Re: Constant Rear Laser Detection...

    Sounds like it's sick, especially if it does it with the rear laser sensor covered up. You did cover up the actual sensor, right? It's that reddish circle next to the bogey counter, not the square part which is the radar horn.

    Do you have any new gadgets in your car that might have a LCD display shining on the sensor? Or any remote controls that might be wedged in a seat crevice and transmitting constantly?

    Try it in another car, or in the house, and see if it still happens.
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