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    Default XTR 690 SE excessive Ka falsing

    I just purchased two XTR 690 SE's to replase older Whistlers that were not performing well detecting Ka. However, both of them (in my car and in my wifes car ) are falsing to the point of being useless. They false on Ka, Ka POP, and Ka and K Pulse usually strength 9.

    This happens in our driveway, in the neighborhood, city streets, county roads, state highways and the interstate. Without exageration, we are unable to travel even one mile without multiple Ka, (POP and Pulse) indications. There are a couple of locations in the neighborhood where I regularly detect specific Ka frequency IDs but my wife just gets a Ka strength 9 signal .(Unusually we get no Xband falsing even in Highway mode in places where our old detectors would always pick up door openers etc.).

    Currently running Filter 2, Ka with frequency ID, X on, K on, POP, Safety Warning, etc. I will try turning off POP, Safety Warning, etc.

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    Default Re: XTR 690 SE excessive Ka falsing

    Turn pop off. That is definitely your problem.

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    Default Re: XTR 690 SE excessive Ka falsing

    I also think that turning KaMax off might be the way to go. I found it the little time I tried that, it acted more normal.

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    Default Re: XTR 690 SE excessive Ka falsing

    Turned off POP which cut out about 50% of the falsing. Ka Max on/off & other settings make no detectable difference. Still picking up lots of Ka just driving around my neighborhood, almost like it is picking up wireless internet/security systems/motion detectors etc. I need a one button city mode for Ka!

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    Default Re: XTR 690 SE excessive Ka falsing

    You may want to contact Mike B....I have both the78se and 690se...I have no problems with Falses.

    My settings are: X-OFF, KaMax ID, Laser LSID, POP-OFF, Filter Normal

    I will say the 78se is very quiet and the 690se does have a false every once in a great while but not enough to be annoying....My 78se is a easy to compare to my 9500i that I had. I get next to no falses and great real threat range....

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    Default Re: XTR 690 SE excessive Ka falsing

    Call me, sent you a PM

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    Default Excessive Ka signals update

    During my morning commute the excessive Ka signals seem to be limited to my municipal area (Estern Shore of Mobile Bay\ I-10\Hwy 90\98). Once I entered the greater Mobile metro area the 690 became nearly silent.

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    Default Re: XTR 690 SE excessive Ka falsing

    Hmm. Last time i was in the Mobile area my 78 wouldn't shut up on Ka band either. I think its microwave/cell towers and if you have POP on it makes it worse. I also have seen X band alive for radar there If you worried go with Mike B's option

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    Default Tower broadcasting at 632 - 638 MHz

    Wondering if this might be the problem, the tower is short and right in the middle of where I was testing last night.

    Channel: 41 632 - 638 MHz Licensed
    File No.: BLEDT-20030430AAX Facility ID number: 721
    CDBS Application ID No.: 658788

    30 39' 33.00" N Latitude 87 53' 33.00" W Longitude (NAD 27)

    Polarization: Horizontal (H) Effective Radiated Power (ERP): 199. kW ERP Antenna Height Above Average Terrain: 185. meters HAAT -- Calculate HAAT Antenna Height Above Mean Sea Level: 209. meters AMSL Antenna Height Above Ground Level: 158. meters AGL

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    Default No additional falsing

    I got zero false alerts on any band driving around today in the metro Mobile area. I think that this confirms that there is some unusual RF\Microwave\etc. near my home.



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