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    Default First Save With LI

    Just had my first save with LI. Not much as was only going about 15 km/h over limit on city street but nonetheless. Also, I just had a new radio deck installed a few weeks ago and it came with a Mute option which installer connected to the LI. Therefore, when you have your tunes cranked and you're getting lazered, the tunes shut off and the siren for the lazer kicks in. Everything worked like a charm-good thing for that mute option. Ironically, I looked back only to see the cop was a good aquaintance so chances are he wouldn't have ticketed me anyway. Made a point of not making any eye contact as I drove by him. I was still shaking 5 minutes after the alarm but I figured I did good under pressure as was able to slow down in seconds and shut of LI without JTG. LI is amazing!!!!!

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    Well done!!
    Valentine One (3.858 Ice Cream Truck, 3.812 in Vette)
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