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    Default TX - Plano cop caught on red-light camera gets off scot-free

    Plano cop caught on red-light camera gets off scot-free

    By Pegasus News wire

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    PLANO Channel 11 has a pretty good expose about a Plano police officer who ran a red light while not on an emergency call, but was let off the hook for a ticket. The site appears to have a video of said infraction, except that the video keeps getting stuck on a Tracy Rowlett ad.

    The story drills down pretty good on Gary Mills, the hearing officer who reviews the red light camera footage. He refuses to respond to their questions, and he doesn't keep records of the hearings he conducts. Meanwhile, here's a statistic: From January to March, 12,000 cars were caught by red light cameras in Plano.
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    PSH, apparently, Orange county does almost that number in a day



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